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Your Voice Belongs To Them Now

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Intro Music: Spellbound by Kevin Macleod
Outro Music: “Dark Trap” by rh_music

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50 Responses to “Your Voice Belongs To Them Now”

  1. Eric Winkler says:

    Hey Tyler, could you please please please post a video several minutes long of just your Outro music? It’s frickin’ awesome! 🤘😎🤘

  2. Test the spirits if they do not confess Jesus is Lord that came in the flesh Banish these demons!!!

  3. I hope this becomes the new 'girlfriend from canada'

  4. el bastardo says:

    i wonder if she wanted to snuggle afterwards

  5. They both sounded as if they weren't human to me but that's probably just me. New to the channel and have been enjoying the vids

  6. The True says:

    Anyone else have an artificial telemarketer call? Listen for pauses and cadence in the speech, even higher quality computer generated speech sounds too smooth and pauses in a slightly off way. Pretty soon the programmers will randomly (or contextually) fluctuate these properties as well, making them completely indistinguishable from human. His name was John Connor. 😓

  7. Man I'd love to get what this Davy guy is smoking cuz that's a pretty powerful shit

  8. Darin Dacey says:

    The documentary is reminiscent of a movie entitled "Mysterious Skin". Has anyone seen this film?

  9. Gray-human hybrids are unlikely since the grays are eukaryotic, or for laymen: grays have evolved from mushrooms… grays are mushrooms… Try to fuck a portobello and see whether a human with a portobello head results from it…
    In addition: When modifying humans one doesn't need to mate with them, just use retro viruses (-> CRISPR)

  10. GMI Jay says:

    its both computer voices… fact its just one,its pretty easy to tell wether a human or an Ai is talking

  11. Ender Games says:

    When u have a girlfriend and u say are u ready to loose your virginity and she says yes then ask if u r so your like I lost it by a female alien

  12. drop your social medias so we can follow each other

  13. it's the woman who sounds like a robot, not the other way around lol

  14. Donovan says:

    I live right near Hoboken cool

  15. Oven Man says:

    9:32 oh no oh no that ai has been in movies and it always started the robot uprising, I’ve been saying for about 8 years that there will be a robot uprising, it’ll soon be here maybe sooner than you think

  16. Hexy 420 says:

    Bruh wtf is hapening in the universe

  17. the tech is already in the wrong hands.

  18. Luke Gardner says:

    oh yeah baby. i'm into some alien tang

  19. Alan Birk says:

    more like mind lost , while wackin off …….

  20. George Brown says:

    What the fuck am I watching

  21. Some of them were t-posing

  22. Verisetti says:

    What a nightmare.

  23. Taylor ryder says:

    No I don’t believe it at all. It sounds pretty ridiculous to me. They wiped his memory just so he can remember it later? I mean come on really?

  24. jz35 says:

    killer body but the face leaves a lot to be desired , i suggest doggy style

  25. Rig Phoenix says:

    Lol well don't expect that v-lost. 😉

  26. Drew Rycerz says:

    I lost mine to my hand…lol

  27. Justin Kase says:

    all white ppl sound like ding bots , let's hear some hen pickin getto trappen Corn fed darkies querk on the horn

  28. Jay割 says:

    What aliens want from us is our love. All they have is intelligence not love. They want to mix their intelligence with our love.

  29. Alex Nourse says:

    Holds up painting, "Virginity lost!"

  30. I lost my virginity to aliens too

  31. Vaelfire says:

    WAit! Which one was the Computer?!?!!?

  32. Why blue eyes?? Fcking nazy

  33. eloundainfo says:

    You say that you hope this technology does not fall into the wrong hands…..well sorry it already has, every piece of so-called smart tech is in the wrong hands …now.

  34. angie vara says:

    This guy was on tv over hee in UK a few days ago.

  35. He’s also in a nother documentary called the hidden hand it came out a few years back . It was on Netflix for a mint . Good doc . Keep up the good work G .

  36. sky bound says:

    where to get tacotron

  37. the voices sound the same in first 2 samples. No way any of you could tell through a phone call .
    scary times

  38. Skynet's up and running!

  39. flytune 74 says:

    He who controls the SPICE controls the universe..!


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