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What’s Happening In Deep Space..?

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34 Responses to “What’s Happening In Deep Space..?”

  1. Scientists don’t understand 99.9 % of the universe. They think everything is aliens whats not understood. Lol i don’t think aliens would want to make contact with angry cave men (people of Earth). We are still animals. Look around.

  2. Wht Rabbit says:

    But does it come from the same direction as that "Alien telescope." That just flew past us a few months back. Because if so, i already said we where fucked then, i'm saying again. We're fucked, communication with it to turn back and take us out.

  3. They are returning, those who arrived here in the past.

  4. First, learn what radio wave actually is.

  5. rudi joris says:

    Lol, .i haven't paid for a movie in years.

  6. SinsOfGaming says:

    China completes big ass radio antennae, signals begin repeating from distant space, anyone want too link the two?

  7. I believe there's something else out there I've seen UFOs even in the 70s only someone that didn't know where they was would hover over a playground in a rural area not our military.

  8. 0 neven says:

    its still not proven we went to the moon!!

  9. I actually won't watch this movie now because there is so many American flags being planted.

  10. ShankyDizzle says:

    My problem with aliens is …
    If they send us signals how would we translate their language ? We can't even speak all the languages on our own planet lmao

  11. mindfuk says:

    Could be a pulsar star

  12. Hey guys and Tyler I love your videos. They really open the mind on what could actually be out their lurking in the shadows but this link
    It allows you to be able to download movies on a flash drive so you can watch them. First Man isn't on their yet it's too new but in about a month or half of a month it should be there. All movies are free to download on here and I urge you all especially you Tyler to go check it out and see what you find. Thank you and keep up on these amazing videos

  13. GunGlutton says:

    According the the NWO theory this is part of their plan.

  14. Jael Sonnen says:

    Only a bootlicking, mongoloid Trumpist would skip a great movie because of one scene that they were told was "anti-American"…true NPC mentality.

  15. moonbear says:

    your slipping on the ufo stuff bud..

  16. D Cap says:

    I watch every episode burning one 👇

  17. Leon James says:

    And to think, we are just one galaxy amongst infinite galaxies and an ever expanding and growing Universe. Traveling through the Universe for eternity would be nice.

  18. Shai Shahar says:

    My theory is that these FRBs are actually the signatures of Stargate traffic. From point to point or hub to hub in the galaxy, between galaxies or even between dimensions.

  19. Clay Haney says:

    As long as these radio signals don't start playing backstreet boys we have nothing to fear.

  20. May be the signal sent from the alpha centauri our nearest star of the solar system. The signal could be sent from 4.3 light years ago.

  21. I hate people who say "like if you agree"

  22. Don Townsend says:

    I Strongly disagree about "First Man" it was one of the worst movies I've ever seen , It put me to sleep. If you see it you'll regret the time you wasted !

  23. I can verify that it is swamp gas in deep space.

  24. AEK says:

    We've been here before as a civilization. We got wiped out, time and time again.

  25. Andre Leo says:

    This Year , We Write History in Human Life.

  26. Lance Larkin says:

    They just didn't want to show that they could Hollywood noon stuff better than they could back then 😂

  27. Sam Wilson says:

    Neil Armstrong never planted a flag on the moon so why are folk upset about it ?

  28. I’m speechless sometimes better to say nothing

  29. Metal Bender says:

    Won't watch first man, due to the sjw bull shit

  30. FRB's are the result of Magnetars. Fact. Highly magnetized fast spinning Neutron stars. These stars emit repeating EMF pulses, because they are off axis fom our point in space and have a spin, which we recieve as FRB's. The rate of signal repittion is used to calculate the rate of axial spin of each Magnetar. Very plain and very simple. These are not some alien radio shout outs to the universe. They occure naturally. Note that if the earth were ever to be in the direct line of sight of a FRB, a Direct Radio Burst (DRB), it would not pulse, rather we would be instantly vaporized.


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