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What Really Happened Above Milwaukee

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50 Responses to “What Really Happened Above Milwaukee”

  1. secureteam10 says:

    Now this is just my initial observation, but I think what we have here is a low resolution, low light adaptive camera recording birds being illuminated by the surrounding city lights. This also accounts for the streaking effect and pixelation, not to mention the perceived slower speed/frame rate on the crappier camera. Later on the same night, the birds were captured again, albeit closer to the building. But hey, birds move, and they change elevation within seconds. I'm not saying it was or wasn't, but simply what it looks like at this moment. Should any new footage come in that refutes what the evidence points to here so far, you can bet I'll post on it. In the meantime, let's keep things friendly, and enjoy our lack of sleep together. New video coming soon.

  2. They are celestial sperm!

  3. These are falling angles. Their lieng..God says he will show signs & wonders in the heavens

  4. Fireball? OK! I believe it's magic…ask 3 wishs hhh
    And so the crop circle by some fireball..don t forgett the trumpet in the sky…yes seems it the alliance ark Come back…

  5. man you gyz r high ass fuck thinking they are birds. wake up guys u snoozin. lmao..birds..HAHAHAHHHAHAHHAHA

  6. Amir sami says:

    The same in moroco

  7. Glenn Joy says:

    Neon Guppies in a fish tank reflected onto the glass of the window that the TV crew were shooting though! Or Aliens!

  8. Tami Rox says:

    I seen an unidentified flying object very similar to what you see here in this video. I managed to record a minutes worth of it before it disappeared. I posted it on my channel. Check it out.

  9. Dave Wood says:

    is there a way to determine the altitude of the flying objects in the first video? the first video it would appear what what we are seeing is hundreds of feet above the city.

  10. That not what i saw in Canada 😞

  11. jimmy tiler says:

    That never got to the mainstream news so it didnt happen

  12. Dell Palmer says:

    the more i look the more less and less they appear to be birds. I believe your fish tank theory before that

  13. Dell Palmer says:

    the more i look the more less and less they appear to be birds. I believe your fish tank theory before that

  14. Dell Palmer says:

    the more i look the more less and less they appear to be birds. I believe your fish tank theory before that

  15. Dell Palmer says:

    the more i look the more less and less they appear to be birds. I believe your fish tank theory before that

  16. Chris Hull says:

    The camera footage shows them looking very very high up in the sky, the ground footage shows them low AF

  17. killa ckash says:

    when have you ever seen birds moving like that??? youre insane bro wake the fuck up

  18. c t says:

    so they are not fire..
    they are shinny things
    taking almost 90 degree turns at some points!!
    Milwaukee best of luck
    definitely not aliens nor birds but something

  19. I would be upset if he changed his opinion just to please his fans. Not everything is aliens, possibly the opposite is true. But I'm still entertained by just looking at and questioning unsolved mysteries.

    If this was a joke and he believed it was aliens then I've been tricked 🤔

  20. Les Rosin says:

    Tyler,,,, you don`t know shit, YOUNGSTER!

  21. Les Rosin says:

    These guys have NO KNOWLEDGE,,, just this is what I see, "wonders in the heavens",,, all fits perfect.

  22. This is just like some sort of UFO capturing birds for their specimen analysis…

  23. FOX = 666 ITS BLUE BEAM

  24. lol birds don't fly like that lol, and it was a live feed. and if it was birds, then it wouldn't just be a one time occurrence, it would happen again with birds.

  25. too big to be seagulls

  26. Joseph Simon says:

    They did take on the appearance of BIRDS.

  27. Daamn didn't know seagulls in the state GLO IN THE DARK. The dumbest thing I have heard this year!

  28. Since when do sea gulls split in two pieces n fly different directions emit trails or light up independently first sky cam real entities courthouse was birds

  29. Chance Primo says:

    BS. I live in milwaukee and have never seen birds that high in that area, Plus those areas are miles away from one another, the court house is in the opposite direction of where those birds are. js

  30. Lucia 23 says:

    Seagulls look like ufos in photo sometimes.

  31. Are you seriously that ignorant that you sincerely believe those are birds??? Wow. SMDH.

  32. You know damn well them are not birds. Like wtf are you on smfh

  33. Salah Haji says:

    My dude hit a strong blunt before this video so he probably on cloud 9 by now. . Don’t mind him guys, he’s gonna be cool once he sobers up

  34. QC says:

    Birds don't pick up speed like that from one destination to the other then stop and turn in another direction. Nice try, who knows what it is but its wild.

  35. lps fun cat says:

    That happened to me to day. My dad shined a light on it and is got closer

  36. What about the height? Those lights are very high above the city. While the birds are just over the building. Well, I donno.

  37. I live in Milwaukee Wisconsin and I'm absolutely in love with unidentified flying objects or just weird observable things in the sky. I've seen two asteroids just buy pure luck by being outside one that passed by at around 2 in the morning few years back and about 6 months after that at about 11 at night. I was really disappointed that my girlfriend happened to see this but I didn't. I was pretty mad at her that she didn't bring it up but she said I thought you knew about it. I didn't know anything about it so in that case I didn't see it and I'm posting this comment this is the first I'm hearing about it.

  38. Here they are 3 years ago, moving in the same petterns but really slow, 2018 they are too fast to be birds, in 2015 too slow to be birds. But always near Milwakee: Click GEAR and put on 2.0 speed, they move and dive just like these at the end! (But really slow, Still learning to fly new DARPA devices.. DUH. IT IS OUR SPACE FORCE TRUMP WASN'T SUPPOSED TO MENTION, BUT THAT WE HAVE HAD FOR DECADES..

  39. Fish tank? He was threatened or paid. Our government could have released a bunch of birds to film the next day, or corralled them there purposefully, using directed enery / active denial emmiters, with a helicopter (or TR-58)… 24 hours is Plenty of time to make anything they want happen.

  40. luis beltran says:

    Not birds dummy really?

  41. Juan Garcia says:

    this mutherf**** glowing birds..?

  42. G G says:

    Birds my ass!

  43. KingSupaBoii says:

    birds ? Really ? 😕😑 , i seen some glowing stars ✨ and shit smh 🤦🏼‍♂️ bye bye

  44. Michael Sans says:

    But they really high up aren’t they?

  45. OhMy Josh says:

    Tyler!!!! they are doing an event called "DARK SKY" in Wisconsin May15-17th where they will be doing a simulation of a mass power outage with increased military!!! could they be coming back then???

  46. Holy shit i live in Wisconsin


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