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What Are They Hiding On Venus

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49 Responses to “What Are They Hiding On Venus”

  1. j berg says:

    venus is a complete hellhole

  2. was really enjoying this until you started talking nonsense about gravitational waves and illustrating your point with pictures of clouds. whatever is causing that anomaly on Venus – it is NOT a gravitational waveanything to do with one. read up about this and perhaps post a correction to salvage any credibility.

  3. "What are they hiding on Venus's

    Your mom's dildo.

  4. Kitty Rocoa says:

    Maybe I am w OMG but I believe the waves that can trap gases and create a spherical looking object, are in some cases where planets have rings could,be deflected and inverted…

    As the gases attracted to the earth created the material that contribute to deflecting radia waves, that seem to bounce back, which I think is because Earth is surrounded by heat which is a wave…

    And While in Germany, I think I came to an understanding which is unproven yet, that the Cemi theory waves, which is our thought can travel around the planet in a loop or through space until distrusted…which has connetations for controlling thought….it is interesting…

  5. Tyler you've done and lost your freakin mind, at first you had some legit points but over the years you've went coo coo & i bet you're wearing a tin foil hat at this very moment. You're delusional at this point. But good for you I guess, you've got many of these idiots who cannot use their own minds believing every bit of bull$#!t you say. As for me and the rest of the intelligent world I cannot subscribe to your nonsense anymore. Best of luck.

  6. Marcus Yap says:

    you sure it's not just a photo of a cd?

  7. Anti Cide says:

    Omnec Onec claims to have been from Venus. I'm optimistic. I believe Alex Collier talks about how Venus may have been and is inhabited. I am also thinking these are very possible. Now it seems we have evidence. Perhaps there is tech that provides enough to thrive. Always love your skeptics and logical perspectives, SecureTeam! Keep up the fascinating truth seeking!

  8. Eric Winkler says:

    Hey Tyler, could you please please please post a video several minutes long of just your Outro music? It’s frickin’ awesome! 🤘😎🤘

  9. dan shaw says:

    Less talk and more action that's all you fucking do is talk

  10. so-what says:

    A big turd and alot of gas?
    Plastic been found there now?

  11. Mark Rubin says:

    I know what they are hiding on Venus. It's VOLCANOES!!

  12. firebird65 says:

    I watched this in my black helicopter. I like to fly it around and watch the conspiracy kooks go nuts.

  13. Venera means Venus in lithuanian and im guessing it does in russian too.

  14. mike bush says:

    Is fairly simple if you think about it…imagine 7 billion years ago when our solar system was born…there were 17 planets within the suns atmosphere..we our earth thst is was th 6th rock from the sun…the 7th rock was in an elongated orbit around the it passed by and through the inner 6 planets it smashed into and absorbed 2 of the smaller planets..turninh it into a giant fireball its magnetic attraction pulled at the inner 4 that remained as it rounded the sun it pushed 2 planets into the sun creating a huge blast wave that sent gamma rays into this planets core melting and heating it into total molten rock…it also was repulsed by the explosion as it circled our star as it came.around it passed a planet thst our sun has long since devoured and set its sites on mercury which at thay time was more in venus orbit around sun…the magnetic pull of this molten mini sun crushed it into half its then normal size pulling out its core elements…soon it was venus that it passed..venus being larger it took some of the surface msterial from New star..and the gravity waves emitting from star along with new material heated and started venus core to spin..venus was in earth now orbit around the it approached earth which was about half way between venus and mars it.collided with earrh tearing a full quarter of itself upon impact and fusing itself with earth making earth molton and sinking the heavy materials that make up our core..this was almost instantaneous as the friction of collision started the earth to spin and creating a magnetic sheild which blocked out solar wind charged particles and little of that is found here the debris field was enormous..eventually getting caught in the new earths gravity field..imagine the earth with molton rings that slowly formed our at this point wr are 3rd rock from sun having had 2 impact our new donor and 1 eaten by the cooled and froze it was too far away from goldiezone…venus however was just right…it formed athmosphere and liquid oceans from the steam released into its new bubbke and cooled…life exploded…over the next 3 billion and mercury were slowly being like a gravity well towards the took a while but their inhabitants finally can return to somewhat normal..,,all the while the earth was coalescing and its moon was forming..slowly pulled into its closest all.giid day while venus enjoyed earth like conditions we weee still to far away for temperate conditions..this is.when microbial life started deep within our oceans the core kept temps high enough below surface they thrived we were covered by masses.plates hadnt yet formed… Venus was earth and had no issues about heating itself and.makis sure venus is all we….fast forward the earth and its new other half of and it now tskes on more life possibilities..the earth [ being pulled and.pushed now as nibiru speeds by and helps deliver now new magnetic pull kickstarting a result of the pull from.nibiru but also from.our core getting. .super charge from small seemingly impossible magnetic pull away goes nibiru into its illepticsl orbit crusing thru every 3800. Years sometimes far others near..
    ..we moved here from venus once earth was close because venus was changing quickky. And onto the next planet we go mars will be our escspe next time…nkw.we are in the 18th ice age of man. Around 180 million years.. We lived on venus for 300 milion years…mercury will sink i to the sun and the blast will elimimate arhmosphere from venus..leaving earth for us to wioe out.
    Like we are…its the cycle tbat feeds the suns reaction mars will not sustain more than 50000.. And the story stays same till our sun eats all and then explodes into a red star…like nibiru if it doesnt explode creating a singularity that eats even our sun..
    Being repurposed galayx..
    And poof this region of soace has no more usefull knowledge left so its recycled..we are all venutians turned 🌎 lings.

  15. Those are not Gravity Waves at about 5 minutes in …

  16. Dianno Caprisi has seen everything…

  17. Ryan Clemens says:

    I'm asking what's on the backside of the MOON.

  18. anil2 says:

    I ain’t seen this guys videos in months! Still fucking lost the plot lmaoo

  19. Shaun Connor says:

    Love this channel respect Tyler for getting the truth out there

  20. Haha love it! You keep reality interesting! Keep it up.

  21. Dismissed says:

    nothing can live on Venus or even be created due to the sun.

  22. Kickaha says:

    Looks like a standing wave from a pressure front caused by rocky formations on the surface. Exactly why are you calling this an object? Winds traveling over 800 mph are reacting to surface features.

  23. I'm more interested in the chines mission to the dark side of the Moon ,hopefully China releases everything ,I'll never forget hearing a sci fi radio show when I was a kid about the dark side of the moon ,the astronouts visited the dark side and saw a Christian cross carved into a stone and the way the cross was light was the exact same shading as Leanardo Davinchis painting of the cross ,as the astronouts we're running out of air and had to leave NOW they discovered footprints around the cross that headed deeper into the dark side of the moon , I've been fascinated with the dark side ever since and the US missions to the dark side didn't tell or show us jack shit .

  24. ijams sum says:

    Ancient writings say Venus was a comet and may have been ejected from Jupiter during a huge collision then Venus acquired orbit and was called a planet by written records just a few thousand years ago !
    Worlds in collision book was banned until it went to another publisher !
    He based his theories on records and some logical hypothesis !
    Velioisky I can not spell it !
    He predicted 50 years ago a new planet would be hot and he was found correct .

  25. Mark S says:

    Love this channel. So interesting.

  26. Wind speeds are actually only 4 mph. The surface atmosphere is so dense that it's fluidic, and moves in waves like the ocean. Venus rotates very very slowly, so Oceanic atmospheric movement will appear to just sit still.

  27. If you turn your head or screen to the left 7:08 it looks like the real Reptilian face. The gravity bend is him smiling. John Paul Simpson 2018.

  28. For a really short time we heard about possible life on a very similar to earth moon of Venus called Europa, now it seemed to drop out the f conversation also

  29. Val Valiant Thor lives there.

  30. Grand Mage says:

    Nice must of had a war a f32 million years ago which wiped our society back to the stone age. Earth was lucky to survive, not so lucky venus and mars

  31. Dean Henson says:

    Looks like something swimming against the current, a mass of bacteria with a single consciousness? Too much Marvel comics? Maybe

  32. They have no real evidence to speak to Venice having had oceans and being a lot like earth in the past! That is an unsubstantiated theory!

  33. nothing Venus is a star

  34. Charlie S says:

    The Curiosity rover has been on mars taking data for years.. everything we send to venus is destroyed very quickly. There's a "blackout" because no one wants to throw down billions of dollars on groundbreaking tech just to watch it melt after 10 seconds. The wave and black spots are super interesting though, I must admit that!

  35. Walter Duval says:

    If Venus is the second brightest object in our sky, where would you rank the moon and the sun?

  36. Venus have life on it , we just cant see it with the naked eye , the beings there are lightforms and exist on a higher frequency of light , human can only see about 3% of the light spectrum , Venus beings live outside of our light spectrum .

  37. your boyfriend. lol jk.

  38. Terncote says:

    8:20 "we know for a fact that scientists can't explain…"

    That's not true. There is at least one credible explanation of the standing wave on Venus, a gravity wave (not to be confused with a gravitational wave).

    9:00 Clearly the H formation is a graphics compression artifact. If you look at adjacent parts of the image there are similar vertical and horizontal lines of a single colour. These are created by the digital compression algorithms.

    You don't help your case when you make untrue statements or engage in wild speculation.

  39. KONABORNE says:

    Perhaps their secret is that the planet is livable and we have bases there so they divert your attention on Mars and the moon at Etc..

  40. I've been into astronomy my whole life and scientists have been saying for 3 decades that the solar system is alive…..geologically and possibly organically….europa titan mars ect….

  41. Mike Rurak says:

    The Protomolecule

  42. Afterburner says:

    I think that this theory of a bacteria adapted to getting energy from the sun, above the clouds of Venus is a good one… I recall "Daisyworld" – a computer simulation of black and white daisies on a hot world… It turns out the temperature of the planet was regulated by the distribution of black and white daisies across the planet and it is striking that this model somewhat matches what is seen on Venus.

  43. susan scott says:

    It could be NASA had more brown paint

  44. Leonard Rix says:

    There is a whole civilization living inside of Venus. And some of them inside the moons of Venus.

  45. Random May says:

    I like the pictures you show but you have no idea what you're talking about


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