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UFOs over Oklahoma

The state of Oklahoma has had its share of UFO reports. Here are some cases we have previously posted: Triangle Sighting near Norman, Oklahoma-Was Couple Abducted by Aliens, Texas-Oklahoma Border – Two UFOs Connect, Scientist Sees Triangle UFO, and Sphere-shaped Object Seen near Lake Quanah Parker, Oklahoma.

Let’s take a look at some recent sighting reports from the southern state.

Fort Towson – 11-23-12

I clearly saw a craft start shimmering red/orange underneath, pop, and then appear to cloak. Around a quarter to five in the evening I went out to feed my horse. After that, I walked over to her water trough to clean out the debris.

I was hearing a lot of birds chirping overhead so I looked up and noticed a very long fairly thick flock of birds flying from the northeast to the southwest. There was very big long line, so I keep looking straight up to see what kind of birds they were.

They looked like a couple of different small species. I kept watching for what seemed like around 10 minutes. The end of the flock was flying further to the north curving south. That is when I saw the craft.

It was much larger than the birds; it was cylindrical, about 3 times larger around and a little bit longer than a large jet at a similar altitude. I noticed that there was a lack of a wing profile, that’s when it got more of my attention.

It was moving slightly faster than a large jet at a similar altitude. I noticed a lack of any contrail, no signs of exhaust or smoke and no sound.

Then it started to shimmer, (the shimmer seemed to be divided down the center by a dark, equal-sized line), under the whole vehicle, sort of like a sun reflection, but most definitely a glowing shimmering red, orange light.

Then I heard a deep quick thud, almost a pop, and it was gone. The impression I got was that it cloaked. The last part was like watching special effects in a movie.

I didn’t see any clouds and I had an unobstructed view of the object.

Oklahoma City/Edmond – 10-19-12

I was on Waterloo Road just west of Kelly in North Edmond, Oklahoma. I noticed six to eight lights in the southern sky hovering over the Oklahoma City area.

At first, I thought the lights were in an unconventional pattern. However, when I got home, I drew the pattern of lights on a sheet of paper, and I noticed the next day that the pattern of the lights is similar to the Big Dipper.

I got out of my car and took three pictures with my cell phone. The pictures are dark, and I cannot see the lights on the photos. I got back in my car and headed south on Kelly. I continued to clearly see the lights that were hovering in the sky.

I then noticed that three to four of the lights had moved north and were suddenly very close to me in the Edmond area (just west of Kelly). The objects flew right over my car (to the right/west), and I watched them as I continued to drive. At first, I thought the objects were helicopters because they appeared to be moving very slowly.

As they came closer, I realized their shape was triangular. As they flew over, they did not make any noise. Each object had mostly white and some red lights on the bottom. The lights were in rows and appeared to outline the entire bottom of the object. They continued to move north out of my view.

Norman – 10-17-12 I saw a bright, soundless orb of light hovering about 200 feet in the air which went east into Norman. A friend and I, both of us sound of mind, were chilling at the Duck Pond bridge.

We both noticed a light which first looked like a star get closer and it seemed like 150 yards away or so. It looked as if it was hovering about 200 feet off the ground at the end of the park by the railroad tracks.

It was a very bright light. After hovering for about 3 to 5 minutes, it lifted up higher in the air and it went east and the light got smaller. And then it stopped and hovered for about a minute and continued going east until it was out of sight and we could not see the light anymore.

And soon as it went away, an odd-looking man walked by us about 15 feet away; he was walking sort of oddly. I’m not saying he was an alien, but he did not react to the light in any way even though it was clearly in his sight.

I just wanted to share this with you all. Keep an eye out around 9 pm – midnight over the duck pond and around the train tracks.

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