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UFOs over Ohio

UFO stories that come from the state of Ohio would fill a book. Here are just a few that we have previously posted: UFO Encountered in Amelia, Ohio, Triangle UFO over Ohio: Missing Time, Silent Craft over Ohio, and let’s not forget about Wright-Patterson AFB and Alien Technology.

Now let’s see some of the more recent reports from the state.

Lisbon – 12-11-12

A glowing orb has been seen 3 days in a row. This is the third day my mother has watched a glowing orb hovering over a small lake in Lisbon, Ohio. On December 11th at approximately 5:30 AM, she saw a glowing ball of light above the lake by her home. She said it was the size of an exercise ball.

It moved slowly up and down the lake and at times would hover; she would see a light shining down on the water, and then a splash like a small explosion (like an M80) thrown in the water.

This occurred for quite a while. When it began getting lighter outside it would disappear. Amazingly, it was there on the next day and then today it was there again!

She said today it didn’t shoot into the water! She is not prone to exaggeration, has lived there for many years and is actually a little afraid. I hope it is there tomorrow too!

Troy – 11-11-12

A large bright orb moving at high speed buzzes house in Troy, Ohio. My daughter was spending the night at a friend’s house just outside of town. At around 2:30 AM on a very dark night with a very few clouds, she was standing on the driveway when she saw a very bright, round object the size of a house streak past the house at an extreme speed and low altitude.

Then it was suddenly gone. It scared her so much she sought shelter in a ditch. The neighbors across the street reported seeing the object on a different night. She described the object as a round orb, the size of a house leaving a streak, very bright and white. Her friend was in the backyard at the time and I do not know if she saw the object.

My daughter is 16 and drug free. We go camping every weekend in Celina near an airport in the spring, summer, and fall. She is used to the night sky, and has never reported anything like this before. What I find odd is she was scared. So I am convinced she saw something out of the ordinary.

Hamilton – 11-10-12

My wife and I were sitting on our upper deck and sighted a glowing plasma ball come from the south and it flew off in a westerly direction. After she went to bed I stayed up and was lying on the porch and began hearing a jet engine sound coming from the south.

Standing up and looking over the roof I saw a flat, darkened object coming at me from the direction of our county airport. I thought to myself, “the FFA is going to pull this guy’s license”.

The craft was no more than 100 feet off of the ground heading straight at me. As it got closer, I noticed no tail on the craft and it sounded as if it only had one jet engine. In front of it were what appeared to be two huge white lights projecting out in front of it.

As it came closer, it began to fly over the other side of the street on which I live and the detail was remarkable. The craft was triangle-shaped and painted in standard navy gloss grey on top with creamy white belly. It was absolutely clean; no dirt streaks or oil on it.

What appeared to be a weapons bay was open and ran most of the full length of the craft. There was no cockpit so was a remotely steered craft. No markings of any kind could be seen, but the weapons bay was lit up and you could see ribbing and tubes for electrical or hydraulics inside.

The amazing thing was its speed; it was moving about the speed of a man fast walking. A standard airfoil would not keep this craft up. Since it was running flat at very low speed and the only thing floating, it was probably a single gas jet generator producing some form of ionized, capacity lift.

It was about the size of a large single engine private plane up to a private twin. The tail terminated in what appeared to be flaps that were set neutral and again gave no assist in lift. Most likely this was derived from the Bifield Brown lifting concept. It continued on in a Wright Patterson direction.

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