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UFO Sightings Strange UFOs Surround Space Shuttle Launch Watch Now! Special Report 2014

Bill Gorman During A Live Thirdphaseofmoon Radio Broadcast. Bill was …

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27 Responses to “UFO Sightings Strange UFOs Surround Space Shuttle Launch Watch Now! Special Report 2014”

  1. Vortek Starling says:

    Underwhelming, I must say. That could be literally any kind of photographic
    anomaly. He said it was a film camera, which means there was processing of
    negatives etc. Lots of room for stuff to happen. Looks like some developing
    fluid or some other liquid got slopped on it. If there was really something
    in the sky I’m sure one of the hundreds of people watching the launch would
    have noticed it.

  2. jllovit says:

    You CAN’T be serious… are you just entertaining each and every sighting
    and evidence fed to you? No screening at all? These could be more than
    likely film scratches, dust (or even lint) in the lens… the film used
    could even be old/expired.

  3. batfly says:

    I love the optimistic speculation on the agenda of aliens.

    Why should we accept the optimistic view when most every other model we
    have access to on Earth shows higher level organisms relating to the lower
    level organisms in a usually domineering way, where the higher level
    organisms farm the lower ones?

    What makes us think it is not the aliens themselves who would rather you
    not care so much about their presence? Seems to me, the rarity in the
    actual observations of these beings would lead me to surmise they don’t
    care to let you know about them.

    We could actually serve a purpose on this planet. One which relates to
    these higher level beings farming humans to move stuff around on the planet
    and produce goods and services which can be siphoned off little by little
    from these higher level beings.

    Just a thought. I could be wrong.


  4. thirdphaseofmoon says:

    Sorry Blake I gotta pass on this. I like your show, but lately some of the
    content is ….unacceptable to be quite honest. You can’t take EVERYTHING
    as evidence. No disrespect to the guy who took these pics, but seriously
    man, you have to develop some kind of standard. if its grainy, blurry, TOO
    CLEAR and up close it can be deem inconclusive. you gotta raise the bar

  5. Brian Theisen says:

    Shit reminds me of Jerry Springer here.

  6. Nathan Le says:

    John Glenn did not go to the moon, he was one of the Mercury 7 Astronauts
    and was not one of the Apollo Astronauts that went to the moon. He was the
    first American to orbit the Earth and the fifth person in space.

  7. Second Star Productions says:

    Cheese Cousins..

  8. napolean34 says:

    Ok Blake, your starting to be a decent host and getting some good vids.
    Getting some experience under your belt.

  9. Popeye Segar says:

    Great video!

  10. edgar montiel says:

    1998 not 89

  11. Bill Gorman says:

    What’s that a hair on the photograph? Unfortunately you can’t trust any
    type of older photograph as alterations are easy and or debris on the lens
    can cause distortions.

  12. Tony Budz says:

    whoopi fkn do all lie;s on you 

  13. Vincent Magnemi says:

    Really? Pictures of fuzz or dirt or atmospheric distortion, summoning ufo’s
    through meditation, this is embarrassing! People, stop claiming everything
    in the sky is connected to aliens. I believe they exist but this Crap is
    childish already!

  14. AtomicPickle1 says:

    I can’t understand why you use the music when nearly everyone has asked you
    to please turn it off in your videos! It is extremely difficult and/or
    annoying as hell to hear what is being said. Music is okay for intros, but
    take it out of the actual content .;

  15. Standard420247 says:

    I wonder if other videos and pictures show the same thing. NASA footage
    with better cameras might show this better.

  16. 4Freedomrider says:

    This channel is so full of bullshit, i belive in aliens but not
    thirdphaseofmoon bullshit

  17. Hakar Mahmoud says:

    if you drink every time you hear the word incredible, you will die of
    alcohol poisoning

  18. visualfour says:

    Are you fuckin kidding me? 

  19. nip chee says:

    7.49 min, you saw the slenderman/alien/whatever walking from right to the
    left between the trees?

  20. Marcel Thierry says:

    debris on film, hair dirt that dosent look like nothing but distortion

  21. Freshh Irbs says:

    My gamer tag on xbox live – ThirdFaZeOfMoon, is it ok if I use this name?

  22. Rigby says:


  23. Stephan Walker says:


  24. Mário Jorge Amorim says:

    Thanks for posting this information


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