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UFO Sightings Christmas Eve Strange Lights Spotted Over Texas! Dec 24 2013

UFO Sightings Christmas Eve Massive Flying Saucer Spotted Over Texas? 2013 More footage coming soon Subscribe Now For More Updates! Static Audio had to be mu…

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25 Responses to “UFO Sightings Christmas Eve Strange Lights Spotted Over Texas! Dec 24 2013”

  1. thirdphaseofmoon says:

    Merry Christmas to Everybody From Around The World From Thirdphaseofmoon!

  2. TheJSB007 says:

    Very colourful catch, thanks for sharing, happy Christmas to you all, :)

  3. Neil Sharma says:

    Santa lol

  4. ANGELA JONES says:

    obviously this was SANTA and his sleigh hahaha

  5. Vortek Starling says:

    At the end when it disappears you can see in the zoomed version that the
    object really is moving away from the viewer at tremendous speed. It
    doesn’t just dim out, it gets smaller and blurrier because it’s getting
    farther away. This is the realest UFO video there ever was.

  6. Ganymede Skooling says:

    Geez at this time there are 39 comments and 9 of them are the cliche’ “It’s
    Santa” People really??

  7. Joe Rodriguez says:

    Yes the apparition is there as I have videotaped many however, the reality
    of it being real ( alien from other worlds) is as fake as Santa. It’s
    designed to confuse the masses just as Santa confused many children into
    thinking it was God.
    “He knows when you’ve been good or bad…” Only to later be laughed at for
    believing so then it all ( spirituality) goes out the window when at a
    young age. – child should be grounded spiritually. Santa a scam and
    deception that causes children to
    close the book on God. 

  8. autonomicus says:

    Know what would be an even better name than Third Phase of Moon? Third
    Phase of THE Moon, that’s what. It would sound better if the alien voice
    was saying Third…Phase…of the Moon. It has better rhythm. Nice UFO
    video, btw. That sure isn’t a balloon or plane and looks like it really is
    an object outside the window. Suppose it could be a model on strings

  9. Matt Smith says:

    Its cool but i dont know what im looking at. With no video commentary its
    hard to distinguish.

  10. OhStBuck01 says:

    i actually like the new song better then the other one.

  11. Alan Macvicar says:

    Waow santas real lol.

  12. A Seaof Honey says:

    Rudolf! The red nosed reindeer ! Who else????

  13. VinnyPizzaLover says:

    Happy haloween!! Go make a pizza

  14. Trooper Chick says:

    that was my ship , nerds :X … 

  15. predvcecerom says:

    well as far as I can see it is a inside light reflection XD ffs people do
    some thinking first

  16. jasonbirk says:

    Thirdeyeofmyass if your not coming out with the truth stop posting, your a

  17. kalum hart says:

    It’s Santa 

  18. Brian Mulvaney says:

    on my way home from christmas night, i say a squadron of scout ships. 

  19. Caesar Aparicio says:

    I love it’s so 4D 

  20. brainchigger666 says:

    Crop duster covered in Christmas light people.

  21. Richard Duncan says:

    Where did you get that bubble gum chewing music from

  22. Blaz Borunda says:

    Every one, did you ever think that these crafts or entities are visiting us
    to help us and study our activities not save us. That is up to our
    beliefs.We can only save ourselves. Being will go on.

  23. Dragon Lily says:

    Its santas sleigh if it was a ufo it wouldn’t be so colourful im mean santa
    goes allover the world, use your common sense 

  24. Doc Pepper says:

    its Santa and his reindeer!!

  25. Space Port California says:

    Interesting huh.


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