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UFO Sighting Video Filmed In Miami Described To Be An Invasion … – Mobile & Apps

UFO’ buildings on show at the Golden Beach on March 25, 2015 in Rizhao, Shandong province of China. Rizhao built its seaside resorts with ‘UFO’ buildings which were retail stores, restaurants and health and emergency centers. The ‘UFO’ style buildings make up an important part of the seascape. (Photo by VCG/VCG via Getty Images)

( VCG/VCG via Getty Images )

The latest video footage filmed in Miami showing UFO-like structure hovering in the sky has further raised the speculations about alien activity. Many UFO hunters claimed that the sightings can be considered to an invasion from space.

According to Australian Network News, many UFO enthusiasts are certain of the alien existence on our planet and said that the latest video depicted the same. However, few people said that the craft-like structure was more likely a missile or rocket launch, as it had a trail of a bright flying object.

Some reports also stated that the cloud-like blue sighting might have also been from a hydrogen powered rocket engine. Also, many people said that the blue UFO-like object was a comet or meteor scorching up as it entered the atmosphere.

Meanwhile, Express reported that the gigantic blue object spotted on video was filmed by the Miami airport ground staff. The footage showcased that the workers dropped their activities in order to film the blue alien craft-like structure with the help of their smartphones.

Reports claimed that one of the staff members also moved to different locations in order to showcase that the object in the sky was actually moving. Spectators even teased that the craft might even hit the tip of the plane.

The UFO sightings video is reported to be shared on LiveLeak, after which it went viral all over the online community. This is stated to be the second incident of 2016 after recent UFO sightings claim by the UFO hunters, where NASA was criticized to have cut the live feed from the International Space Station.

However, some reports claimed that the UFO sightings video is nearly one year old, dating back to September 2, 2015. Reports also stated that the trail from the rumored UFO is actually the blue smoke from the Atlas V rocket that took off from Cape Canaveral port last year.

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