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UFO Sighting: ORBS & RODS- High Activity! HD 1080p (Dec 25, 2013)

Filmed on Christmas day Dec 25, 2013 in Newport Beach CA. The session started with a small double orb flying by my deck. Once I followed it with the camera a…

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26 Responses to “UFO Sighting: ORBS & RODS- High Activity! HD 1080p (Dec 25, 2013)”

  1. thirdphaseofmoon says:

    Nice Catch Jim Martin From Thirdphaseofmoon! Happy New Year & keep Your
    Eyes On The Skies!

  2. Darin Crapo says:

    Hi Jim…. great footage…. thanks for sending. I found your email in my
    junk mail for some reason… glad I found it after seeing this. You are
    going to watch episode 85 for sure. Well done and have a great day my

  3. TheJSB007 says:

    You caught them well Jim, excellent! The sky looked like it was a flood
    with many different craft, so much going on beyond the naked eye, thanks
    for sharing, :)

  4. RockStarPreacher says:


  5. Orbital1 says:


  6. Shawn Parry says:

    great video, lost of activity, you really have some great catches!!

  7. Jonathan Castro says:

    Love this Jim, I’ve never actually tried capturing these rods. Good work on
    the slow mo and enhancements, that shows so much more detail. I will have
    to try this now 🙂 🙂 :)

  8. RockStarPreacher says:

    Outstanding video.
    The detail reminds me of the ‘craft’ that were seen by a man and confirmed
    by the Denver News, flying around above the Denver Airport.

    If they land, they are fallen.

  9. RockStarPreacher says:

    1:05. What zips past, right to left, in the middle of the screen?

  10. shane collins says:

    Excellent! !!

  11. Fabrizio Farinelli says:


  12. Yard K says:

    Amazing Footage Thanks Guys!

  13. Scott Browne says:

    This is amazing! Great stuff!

  14. xEZGAMERx says:

    To all who read this… new years eve place your eyes 2 the sky and hit
    record on your cameras around 10pm to 1am and see if you catch anything
    interesting and then post it on YouTube . I have a feeling somebody will.
    The reason I’m saying this is because the last 2 New year’s eve ‘s there
    has been a high # of sightings I personally got a show last year and I’m
    hoping for another

  15. SplendidDragon1 says:

    Fantastic captures Sky Hunter :o) What type of camera (and lens) are you
    using? Keep up the great work! Peace out.

  16. Andrey Filimonov says:

    wow, how do you find them?

  17. sean130765 says:

    ita jet doing a loop. start loop 00.30 top of loop 43 sec then going down
    then the sound.
    and the rest are dragonflys

  18. Zubin Wadia says:

    Awesome. .. 

  19. ProfessorLoco says:

    You’re right. That was a trip. Did you notice they were chemtrailing on
    Christmas. What a bunch of sub-humans. Oh, I’m up in the valley.

  20. timb980 says:

    Great Job and Very cool video… When and where did you take it ???

    To me it looks like the main object is just playing with those other flying
    rods and orbs… Can you believe that there are still people who swear up
    and down that there is no other intelligent life in out universe ???

  21. Detoxing Reality says:

    It’s here people! the collective realization that we are not actually
    physical, that our perceived existence is fuelled by belief, which in turn
    manifests our reality! This is why more people are seeing these objects and
    capturing them on video, allowing the rest of us on earth to also see these
    manifestations. The more people there are that truely believe we are not
    alone, the more proof about this fact will come out and will be seen! Keep
    co-creating people and we will see change, positive change in that we do
    not need this archaic power structure made for the elite bloodlines
    anymore! We are better than that, we deserve better than that! Its time to
    clean out the old reality and bring in the new!

  22. Kurt X says:

    Pause the video on 3:12 and you will see the shape of an airplane.

  23. thomasburman1 says:


  24. Flashbangb4 says:

    It just looks like a rod because it’s moving so fast.

  25. Scott Prendergast says:

    jim…awhat the MEOW is goin on over there son!!!??? I sympathize with u on
    the ability to keep it focused and FOLLOW it like you did! NO EASY FEAT

    great freekin work you have done- I’m an automatic.subscriber NOW!

    happy new year l
    jims old boy and bless.your family soon hope…keepthe videos a


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