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UFO Sighting in Santa Clara, California on October 4th 1969 – Object with bright lights followed the fence line in rural area


The witness reported seeing lights in the sky in a rural area near Santa Clara, California, in October of 1969 (possibly 1968). It appeared as though spotlights were being shined as the object, which he could not see, followed a fence line. He reported that the movement did not resemble that of a convention airplane or helicopter. He watched this “light show” for over an hour, saying that for some strange reason he had no “will to call the police” during this sighting.

The witness is 74 years old and is an Air Force veteran. He decided to come forward with this story after reading about Doug Helbling, and Oregon MUFON investigator, in a local Oregon newspaper article. More information about this witness’s history with Oregon MUFON can be received by directly contacting Doug Helbling (who submitted this CMS report). Doug was asked by the witness to submit a CMS report on his behalf, since he has “limited computer skills”. The email address he provided is for his daughter, who he lives with.

For information or a MAP of the reporting location click here

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