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UFO Sighting in Sacramento, California on 2013-01-01 00:00:00 – Twin all then a red orb joind alight disapeard8 alpeard flotted off and disao bright white lights got side by side


It was 2013 a little after midnight i*m on my way back home from taken a friend home i*m turning on the block before mine and above the trees is a big bright white light at first i thought it was a helicopter until another one appears and got side by side with the first one and floated of like until i could not see them and then two more came and did the same thing and two more came and did the same and two more and two more after the last two a big red orb appeared in front of this house and went up to wear the lights wear and here comes another one of those lights and the orb got side by side with it and did wat the other lights did all these things made no noise and the orb you could see threw it but the middle you could see something solid after all that i could not move i was so scared wen i got my self together i went home and toled my son and his girlfriend what i saw then woke up my boyfriend and tolled him then grabbed my phone and ran back outside maybe to see more to take pics but i saw a all black helicopter no marks the blades sounded different it was long and slender the windows were dark and it flew really low over me then my house it was a crazy new year

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