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UFO Sighting in Port Lavaca, Texas on June 29th 2016 – orange light went in straight line, hovered and flickered, went straight up and dimmed till not visible.


On or about 06/29/2016 at approximately 2130, I observed a low flying orange orb traveling NE at a high rate of speed. During this point some tree’s were in the way, but object still was visible. When the object became plainly visible, I observed a bright , pulsating, orange/red glowing orb of light. The orb than came to a complete stop and began to hover for approximately 30 seconds while pulsating red/orange/white light seemingly all at the same time. The object then dimmed, nearly completely, and then again began to pulsate light of the same colors as above. The orb than began, what appeared to be a slight right turn (relative from my perspective) and then ascended to about triple the height the orb was previously at.It is also worth mentioning that heat lightning was present in the distant north. The object approached from east to west. The light then started to get brighter and brighter, and finally dimmed till it disappeared. I have been in law enforcement or 12 years and this is the first time I have seen anything of the type.

For information or a MAP of the reporting location click here

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