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UFO Sighting in Plant City, Florida on 2017-03-18 22:15:00 – Star like with triangle shape moving into it.


Around 2215 hours from my back porch i saw a bright star i had never seen before in the east sky. it was bright and then i saw an equally bright triangle shaped object moving towards the star. it appeared to be in orbit or at least at the top of the atmosphere. the triangle had to be moving quickly. it covered five foot of the sky from my view in just a minute. the star seemed to get brighter and then dimmed. the star had an odd shape. it had tree spikes from the top and the what looked like bar under it. then to spikes coming down from the bottom. after the triangle merged with the star shape, it looked more like a star. the star then began moving slowing to the south. i than went to bed after i woke up my wife. she was not happy. i have been a deputy sheriff's in tampa fl for twenty year. i have never seen anything like this before. we do have mcdill airforce base in tampa. if it was them, it had to be a major secret? i have checked tonight, and there is no star where i observed this event. i tried to take a couple of photos with my wife's cell phone at the end of the event. i have not checked them.

For information or a MAP of the reporting location click here

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