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UFO Sighting in Pickerington, Ohio on July 29th 2016 – Two red/orange orbs moving erratically across the sky. One dropped below the treeline and the other sped away.


I had just gone outside, at 10:15, and immediately observed two large (Much larger than a star or planet), bright red/orange orbs in the SW sky. They were fairly close to one another. They were moving in a semi-horizontal path, with vertical movements at times, toward the W. Their paths and speeds were erratic, with no straight lines or constant speed like the ISS (These were also much larger than the ISS and red/orange). After a few minutes of independent movements, they both slowed down. One orb fell below the tree line while the other simultaneously sped upward and away toward the W, diminished in size/brightness, and disappeared after about 10 seconds. There was no sound at any time. During the ~4 minutes of observation, they moved ~35 degrees from SW to W.

For information or a MAP of the reporting location click here

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