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UFO Sighting in Peterborough, Ontario on February 23rd 2011 – Red half sphere dome on bottom, flying saucer

UFO Sighting!

UFO Sighting in Peterborough, Ontario on February 23rd 2011 - Red half sphere dome on bottom, flying saucer
UFO Sighting in Peterborough, Ontario on February 23rd 2011 - Red half sphere dome on bottom, flying saucer

The Event Took place over the period of two days, February 22 and 23 of 2011.

February 22, 2011

While walking south on Water St. (Peterborough Ontario) towards the downtown area, around 9:15pm, I looked left towards the river between Elcombe and London St. and noticed two bright lights hovering above the street lights.

I stopped to observe these lights because I had never noticed them before and I have walked that route through out my whole life. The lights were both extremely brilliant white lights above the distinct orange glow of the street lights which seemed to be just feet below.

One light was a rather large orb shape, the other looked to formed of three small balls of light, forming a rectangular shape. I observed the lights for at least 5 to 10 minutes, when the orb illuminated intensely for a second, and then dimmed out and disappeared.

I continued to observe the other rectangular light, and stopped a passer by which I happen to know rather well (I went to high school with them).

I did not tell her what I saw, I asked her Do you see that? Her reply was That light above the street lights? Confirmation of the sighting. We discussed it and parted ways, all along the light still sitting there until we were both out of sight of it.

I did not walk that way home that night, therefore I did not confirm if they were still there. The person who can confirm the sighting says on her way home she saw three lights, when before there was one (the second light dimmed out before they arrived).

February 23, 2011

I walked the same route the next evening, approximately 7:30pm (on my way to do groceries), I sat on the bench seen in the first picture (facing east), just to see what might happen. I hadn’t been there for more than a minute when I saw a bright red, half sphere, with a clear silhouette above it.

The half sphere swung up (so the bottom of, whatever it was, was clearly visible) to the edge of the forward tree line across the river (in the 3 picture collage, where the snow ends to the middle left of the shot), then continued to swing back down just below the tree line, and level out.

It then immediately moved just below the tree line (in-between the forward tree line of the river and the second tree line where the suburbs begin) to the right, at a relatively fast speed, with no sound at all. My initial thought, when first observed, was thought to be a helicopter.

However, the object moved right, below the tree line and over the London St. footbridge, stops, and quickly changes direction the opposite way again.

The change in direction was almost immediate, maybe a second or two had passed. The object seemed to float and moved very gracefully. It came to a halt between and just above, the two street lights left of the footbridge, this is where I started recording. The event up until that moment was approximately 30 seconds to a minute in duration.

While recording the video, I clearly observed the object (the red half sphere and a silhouette, I am not sure how to describe it better). However, in the video, only three lights, a blue and two reds, appear to be moving in between the two street lights.

Just before the video ends, I quickly pan to the left to capture another light (this time very bright light like the night before, and very small) quickly travel to the top of the tree line (in the 3 picture collage where the first two tallest evergreens are located to the middle left) and back down again.

This lasted a few seconds at best, and I was not able to capture it due to the quality of the phone camera. Looking closer at the video, I noticed a third, red light, to the far left which is visible for a few seconds, and is in line with the other lights. Also, when the contrast and brightness are increased, there is a multitude of lights pulsing on and off in an un-orderly fashion to the right and left, as well as a strange orange glow to the far right, near the end of the video.

I felt very strange after this event, and continued on to do groceries, all the while feeling a sense of numbness psychologically, in a daze, or in shock.UFO Sighting in Peterborough, Ontario on February 23rd 2011 - Red half sphere dome on bottom, flying saucer

To view a map of the location where this report was made and for more details, click here ..

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