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UFO Sighting in North Wales, Pennsylvania on 2016-10-31 00:00:00 – Only large cloud in the sky was rapidly changing colors then when cloud color returned to normal a white orb appeared under cloud for a second then simply vanished


I was just starting at my job at about 6am this morning. i pulled my truck up to back it into a loading dock when i noticed a cloud rapidly changing colors. i became excited because i thought it was the northern lights but i quickly noticed that the colors were only coming from inside the only large cloud in the sky and the night sky looked the same as always at that point i thought that maybe it was lightning but the spectrum of colors was so broad that i couldn't stop looking at it. it was actually very beautiful. after about 10 to 15 seconds of the colors emanating from the cloud it abruptly stopped and was quickly followed by a small white light that seemed to appear from no where just under the cloud. as quickly as i saw this bright white dot in the distance it was gone it did not appear to move in any direction it just simply disappeared. after that i called my boss to see if any of our security cameras could have caught any of it he said they are all pointed toward the ground. i told some people at work after that and pretty much got made fun of but my one coworker told me about your app and how you take people's accounts so i thought i'd give it a shot

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