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UFO Sighting in North Bay, Ontario on October 1st 1976 – Disc shaped craft hovered above car…potential missing time


This is an example of one event…it took place in 1976…my parents, my sister and I were traveling from Bonfield to North Bay Ontario on a Friday evening in the fall…we just finished supper and were about half way to North Bay when my father noticed a spotlight in the woods…he decided to stop because he thought it was a helicopter looking for a lost hunter…once stopped the light went out and he was about to leave when he noticed that there were lights above the car…he opened the window and leaned out to see a 30 foot circle of pastel colored lights about 20 feet above the car…my mother was screaming at him to leave because “they” are after the kids…my father laughingly left and when we got to the grocery store( our destination…about a 25 minute drive)…the store was closing(10:00 pm)…this is an example of what we’ve been trying to figure out for many years and after many strange happenings.

For information or a MAP of the reporting location click here

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