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UFO Sighting in Menifee, California on October 26th 2015 – After brightening pictures of bright stars (satelites) that looked odd, a sphere was on my photo. I have other pics


My sister & I talked about the two lights in early morning that didn’t belong to what we normally see in sky, I took pics to see if they were planets or satellites with the flash on my camera. I eventually enhanced the brightness on the pics to see the 2 stars?, planets?, satellites? & was startled to see a sphere & more spheres appear in the photos.
I did not see the object(s) until I enhanced the pics using the brightness feature on the computer.
I feel unsure about what is in the sky, yet I believe this (these) is a ufo.
I am attaching the original pics & the brighter pics. I just want an explanation if someone knows what it is.

For information or a MAP of the reporting location click here

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