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UFO Sighting in McDonough, Georgia on October 19th 2013 – On golf course working. Saw bright orb contrasted well against rainy sky. vanished after few seconds


I was working and driving my cart down the cartpath to the next green I had to mow. it was rainy and the sky was dark grey. I looked to the path ahead and caught a flash ahead and slightly above me, I looked up and saw a softball size sphere that shone very bright yellow hovering just below the cloud bank. I estimated it was probably a few miles away and I kept eye contact for only a few seconds before my path took me into the tree line where I lost sight of it. I told myself I would come out of the tree line and see it was a helicopter with a searchlight but maybe 5 seconds after losing sight of the object I came out of the tree line to find the object had vanished. I don’t believe it could have just flown out of view or into clouds at normal speed because it was so bright I was initially seeing it through dark rain clouds. I’m still not sure what it was, if my mind was playing tricks on me than this was the most extreme example that I’ve ever experienced.

For information or a MAP of the reporting location click here

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