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UFO Sighting in Lakehurst, New Jersey on 2015-12-10 00:00:00 – Above lakehurst base. bigger than a football field. 12 or more lights lit up in a row in oval/disk shape on and angle, began to light up quicker and disappeared. was like a halo of lights .


I was coming home from work on a december night in 2014. at the end of this one long hilly road, you come to a four way stop. diagonally, there is a large empty field. and beyond that is the base. once i got to the stop sign there was another car in front of me and we simultaneously saw something in the sky and hit the breaks immediately in the middle of the road. there were 12 or more lights lined up in an oval shape larger then a football field. it could have been much bigger if it was further way. similar to the phoenix lights. i just found that real quick as an example. but the oval shape was more pronounced. the ring or halo of lights were almost tilted on and angle. the lights lit up in a row. slowly around the oval and sped up quicker and quicker until it vanished completely without a trace. the reason why i decided to write about this now is because i was driving past that field the other day and realized you can see stars everywhere in the sky, except for where those lights were above the base.

For information or a MAP of the reporting location click here

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