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UFO Sighting in Lake Helen, Florida on 2016-10-29 14:06:00 – Object appeared in photograph not observed with the naked eye


My wife and i were walking the colby-alderman park trail in cassadaga, fl when we came to a scenic observation deck known as the “lake overlook” which overlooks lake colby.

i used my iphone to snap a picture of the view to the right side
(see photo file name: img_4238.Jpg) and then panned to take a picture to the left side (see photo file name: img_4239.Jpg) i observed an egret bird flying into frame when i took the first picture so i centered on the egret in the second picture as he flew in closer to our viewing point.

we did not observe or hear any planes, blimps, drones, etc in the area at the time and after taking the pictures we stood there for a little while longer just enjoying the view and our company with each other and being out in nature.

after getting home i was messing around with my phone and the images in the iphone accessibility settings features where you can “invert colors” and upon doing so i was scrolling through the images and noticed a white dot in the sky of the lake overlook image. the dot was white due to the image colors inversion where something dark colored would show as white and vice versa. (see photo file name: img_0502.Jpg)

when i then looked at the original color non-inverted image there is a dark colored spot visible in the sky near the middle left side of photo underneath the cloud cover. this direction of orientation would have been facing south east over lake colby. (see photo file name: img_4239.Jpg)

when zoomed in on the spot it appears to be a saucer shape in the sky. once again this was not observed with the naked eye but shows up in my picture. i posted the images on my facebook page to ask everyone's opinion of what this might be and one of my friends zoomed in on it and said that when zoomed in she can see an energy field around it.

i can't say for sure because of pixelization when i zoom in on the image.

hopefully someone with some good software can clear up the zoomed image and make out what the saucer shape in the sky is.

my wife and i are baffled.

For information or a MAP of the reporting location click here

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