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UFO Sighting in Haltom City, Texas on July 30th 2016 – White orb that reflected sun and appeared and disappeared twice


I was standing in the yard chatting with a friend as he was doing some work. I noticed a plane flying above. As someone with flight training I started watching the plane then noticed the orb. It was way…. way up in the sky. I had to find a point of reference to maintain a visual on the orb. I told my friend to look and he did not see it and went back to work. The object disappeared. After a few minutes it re appeared in the same place, this time my friend saw it. It appeared closer the second time but was still a long ways off. After a few minutes it disappeared again. We saw the orb in the northern sky. The only reason I reported this is to see if someone else saw the same thing besides us.

For information or a MAP of the reporting location click here

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