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UFO Sighting in Elko, Nevada on December 12th 2013 – {nd} Working outside on forklift and seen a bright blue light.


I was working outside on a forklift at work. I started down the ally way going west when I noticed a bright blue light in the distance, Above the lamoile canyons. I watched it for about 10 minutes. It seemed to dip down then raise back up. Toward the end of this it just blinked out. Then about 2 minutes after, I seen a plane heading toward that direction. Their is an airport here for small planes, but this was not a small or large plane. Not to mention, all the planes I have seen coming in and out of here have white, red or yellow lights. This was truly special. I have seen this before. But I am not sure when. It was in California on my way to Vegas and the i-15. Now I am in northern Nevada. Kind of odd.

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