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UFO Sighting in Connecticut on 2016-12-24 20:15:00 – Red and white lights with no sound. not sure if it was a lost presonal drone


I went outside for a cigarette at 8:15 pm in north haven connecticut 06492 (multiple times that evening) i was looking at the big dipper and small dipper and noticed the north star. being that it was christmas eve i admired it. i saw something in the corner of my eye at first thinking it might be a small cessna air plane and took a quick glance at it and after a second it changed its flight path instantly from south to north within a half second. i did take more notice of it at that point and observed it for a longer length of time. i know two people that have and fly drones as hobbies and have watched drones fly. i have never witnessed a drone fly that fast but was hoping i could hear the propellers spin as i've heard them before and to make the distance this thing did in the short span of time. it would travel about a hundred yards or so and make a circle or an area and makes it's way again and repeat its pattern again. when it reached a certain distance it stopped completely almost out of my eyesight and it stayed there for almost 20 minutes.Two things came to mind, one, it has the best battery known to man and the second was that this person flying this thing would have no idea where it went if it were in fact a personal drone. this object had anywhere between 7-10 red lights perfectly aligned with white lights along its opposite side. it blinking equally both red and white at least three time per second as it flew over me. i'd be relieved if it were a drone that i'm not aware of that might either have a high capacity battery or gps controlled. it was a bit unnerving to witness. i hope i'm not a damn fool that witnessed some dumb kid losing his christmas present a day early

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