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UFO Sighting in Chattanooga, Tennessee on November 1st 2013 – ufo acended from behing woods then took a path across the road


my wife and i were on our way to work, and noticed a very big and bright object rising from the woods from the west. the object went up then took a path from sw to se . looked like a giant orange ball, no blinking no other lights just solid orangeish red light ball. we stopped on the road to watch it. the object as it was flying over looked like it was sewing something out of it over and over, mad no sound at all. it would move and spew something out of it off and on was not a constant spew. the spew dropped out of the bottom of it not the sides. we watched it till more traffic came down the road an had to move. we felt more amazed than anything at what we saw, no other effects. about the photo, my wife was trying to take a picture hanging out of the car while we were stopped. she didnt have a long time to take it cause of cars come down the highway. but she took it up in the air and got a few objects on the picture you can see some shape and some orange mist spewing from it. now from where we could see it just looked like a giant ball

For information or a MAP of the reporting location click here

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