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UFO Sighting in Babylon, New York on 2008-09-14 21:00:00 – 4 people experienced a perfectly orchestrated undeniable ufo encounter on a street where a retired mufon investigator lives.


“blessed are the eyes that see what you see. for i tell you that many prophets and kings desired to see what you see but did not see it, and to hear what you hear but did not hear it.”
– luke 10:23-10:24
“i thank you father for hiding these things from the learned and the wise, and revealing them to the innocent and simple” – matthew 11:25
(i discovered those quotes in succession recently on a youtube video, it resonated so deeply because it's exactly how i feel about these experiences it's almost as if it was written for me-both those names are “coincidental” one being my brother the other being my childhood friend who lives on the “ufo block”!!!! everything is so synchronous my life sometimes feels like a pre planned ritual and it's all leading up to this – 100 years after fatima )

this is the story of my first ufo sighting!!! before i start i must add that this was not my only sighting on that street, i actually had 2 other synchronous experiences. (with 3 other friends – the 2nd time was with my close friend who is punjabi/sihk- overwhelming synchronic details from that experience and i point out his religious background because that later helped me widen my perspective on these events because i was raised roman catholic; the 3rd time with 2 friends who have bizarre physical “coincidences” with me – one close friend whose right arm can't twist without him turning his elbow- just like myself because my radius/ulna bones are fused ( not too rare but i never met anyone else like that but really what are the chances) and my other close friend who was shocked recently when i told him that i have a huge birthmark on my back- because he never told anyone before that he had a brother who was completely covered in birthmarks and died when he was an infant. i was always self conscious of my birthmark because it's a decent size and brown, but it's in between my shoulder blades just like muhammed had “the seal of prophethood” believe me i'm far past “buddhahood” and “christ consciousness” at this point i'm feeling like the ultimate prophet that can bring peace between all races+religions ) “here is the mind that hath wisdom” those first 3 experiences all occurred on the same street over the following 4 years (2008-2012) (each time only minor details changed). i also had 2 sightings by myself in my backyard last summer and 2 in one night at the beach last fall; i have also seen 1 comet and 3 shooting stars believe me i know the difference. there really is so much more background information- i'm not sure if i should make consecutive reports or wait for an interview because talking is more efficient. i have to add all this because this is the first time i'm filing a report and i just want you to know i've had constant contact ever since my childhood abduction and i know i'm high priority to solving this “mystery”. besides the fact my life story is literally movie material with extremely valuable lessons for humanity, the details of my life are overwhelmingly synchronous (one example being my last name corresponds to the street i was raised on, and my first name corresponds to a catchy phrase that makes it seem more like my destiny) if i wasn't an experiencer (being that i'm very skeptical) i would have needed to hear a synchronous story like mine in order to consider the possibility of extra terrestrials. my whole story definitely is the most convincing i have heard so far, too much circumstantial evidence, and i believe i've been implanted and that is direct evidence. it's unfortunate i can't put my personal information on here because my geneology is astounding – a welsh king, 2 united states presidents, the head of an united states air force base, an italian politician who is key and connections to more than 5 other prominent individuals all on wikipedia. the ufo community really needs a synchronous person like myself, i will bring mufon glory! there are a few reasons why i didn't speak up for a while, first i had acne from puberty up until last year so i was self conscious and didn't want any attention on me, second i was scared of the government silencing me because i know i have undeniable proof, third i was scared of the aliens silencing me. i wasn't sure if i was supposed to spread the message until they confirmed it to me last summer with a synchronous sighting after a prayer i made. i can do that because i'm aware for many reasons they monitor me including my thoughts. the third sighting seemed like i manifested it because i had the intention to let the two of my friends see. since president trump took the office i feel more comfortable talking about my experiences, and my desire to help humanity is greater than ever! i really need to get my complete story “off my chest”- please contact me! just know the other experiences make it even more convincing. not to sound conceited but i have thoroughly researched so i know what i'm talking about, i approached everything methodically, rationally and really put my intellectual capabilities to the test. ok that's enough extra information now i will explain my first ufo encounter: i was walking back from my friends house (with my close friend) and we were walking to my house (we live in the same neighborhood). by about 9pm we were walking one block away from my house (which is a “spiritually significant” block to me even before the sightings- because i used to play on that block with my childhood friends since i was 4. (4 different houses had children around this “half” cul-de-sac – it's basically a circular extension on the outside of a right angled corner if you can picture that) we both were in 8th grade and it was a school night, so there wasn't anything important planned, we were just heading back to my house to hangout, eat and play video games. as we were walking down the straight part of the block, i was walking on the left side of my friend. i was looking at the ground when he said “hey what's that?”. nothing could've prepared me for what was about to happen. i immediately looked up and noticed a bright orange light in the sky about 40 degrees up from the horizon. it was shaped similar to a circle but not an exact circle. it was actually in the perfect position, because there was a streetlight which was basically the same color, and we could clearly see that this light was about the same size as the streetlight, except it was up in the sky. the light had distinct borders and was a solid light with no flames inside, and it was just floating/ hovering straight in front of us right over the cul-de-sac/corner. after a few seconds of staring in awe i said “i don't know take a picture” so my friend did with his ipod touch. (after the sighting we deleted it because the camera quality was so poor, all that it captured was blackness with a pixilated/blurry orange dot in the center so we figured it would make no difference it was such a bad photo) the whole time we were just walking towards the corner staring at this object in astonishment, by the time we reached the corner the object was straight over our heads but very high in the sky. so we continued walking and turned left and this is where it got alarming. i realized that the object was now moving along with us in the same direction we were walking and i pointed that out to my friend. i still had no idea what was happening so i started to get slightly nervous and i was focusing on walking faster and getting home. this is where it became completely surreal. (this instant was my first time ever experiencing the dreamlike feeling of synchronicity- the simplest way to describe the sensation was the experience started to literally feel like a movie, as cliche as that sounds) as we were approaching the end of the block right near the intersection with my block, all of a sudden we see a car driving and it pulls up and parks right next to us. i was already nervous and i didn't recognize the car so i was getting ready to run but it happened so fast he got out and immediately said “do you guys see that?”. i was relieved and we both responded “yeah”. then everyone was completely silent, he was next to his car looking straight up and my friend was in the middle of the street still looking so i went to step out from under the tree i was standing under to look again now that i realized this guy wasn't a threat. as i stepped out from under the tree i saw the light over us again and it didn't appear to be moving in any particular direction anymore. then as we were all staring all of a sudden we noticed the clouds above the object illuminate and we all watched the object go up through the clouds, when it was clearly above the clouds we all watched the light turn off. instinctively i ran home which was three houses away, and my friend followed me. i ran inside and went to my dad's office and told him what was happening got him to come outside all within about 20 seconds. so then my dad, my friend and i walked to the edge of my porch and i pointed out the object to my dad, luckily he was able to see it. (he was born with an eye condition where he can only focus with one eye at a time – he doesn't know if the doctors had a name for it but it completely shaped his life and led him to focus on intellectual activities like reading – hiking and bike riding were the only physical activities he participated in) when he confirmed to us he could see it he pointed out the fact that if he could see it and it was really above the clouds like we said- that it was huge. at that time the object was traveling in a ne direction(the same direction as when it started following my friend and i) and it was black but still visible so we knew there was a physical ship there, and we watched it until it disappeared. after that we walked over with my dad to go speak to the other witness. (it turns out that the man lived there, i never even knew he existed before the sighting.) he was still standing out in the street in front of his house, so we introduced him to my dad and he confirmed everything that my friend and i said. after we talked for what seemed about 2-3 minutes, my dad said to my friend and i ” come with me let's go talk to a friend of mine”. so we all walked back down “the ufo block” past where the experience started all the way to the other corner. my dad led us to this house and pointed out the license plate on the car because it read “mufon”. he explained to us what that meant and then we went up and knocked on the front door. an elderly man answered the door, we introduced ourselves and then started telling him what happened. i was so nervous i started talking over my friend and took control of the conversation and said exactly step by step what happened. i will never forget his response. he said “you know what you saw, trust your eyes, believe what you saw”. so then i remember my friend asking him if he's ever seen anything bizarre like that, he said something about an experience he had while investigating a report at either an airport or some base, i really don't remember exactly what he said at that point i was so shocked and focused on what just happened to me, my mind was racing. we spoke to him for about 15 minutes and by the time we left all i knew was that we definitely saw a ufo. after that my friend went home and i don't remember anything else that night. i was traumatized but i didn't know because i was already experiencing so many emotions from my relentless acne- that was the prime focus of the time. so i woke up the next day and just continued with my normal school routine and surprisingly we didn't talk about it for a few months, we were both shocked. whenever i had free time i did my own research, but i had a full schedule during high school. as time went on my consciousness transformed profoundly. it created problems because i was misunderstood by so many basic minds. i eventually got so angry that i “unplugged” everyone in my environment and i don't plan on stopping i will crusade forever because i was consecrated. i've been through so much anguish that all i want to do is talk about my experiences and then i'll be able to move on with life and be productive. right now i'm just tired of being condemned by people who don't have a clue what they're talking about, i've really experienced so much hate in my life so far that i really want to get back at all of them by becoming world famous. i want to travel the earth like a prophet and help empower people. i really think i can prevent wars and solve the majority of problems humanity faces today. my mind is really that powerful, i learn extremely fast and i believe the aliens are guiding me. my mind was really tested after the first sighting, i was overthinking anxiously everyday for years just to figure out what happened to me, despite what everyone in my environment and throughout the media said. after my second experience on the same block that is when my mind stormed with thoughts because i realized i was the target of these events because i experienced both times and the others were just there with me. in time my abduction memory resurfaced and it's amazing. i was in space and remember seeing earth through a big window. at this point i just want to talk about my whole experience and explain what i know so i can make those who hated on me look stupid. this is something very personal to me and i know i was chosen for disclosure and i am supposed to speak up. my whole life has been leading up to this for many reasons. one reason i will say is the acne because even though it's gone now it taught me not to care how others perceive me because if they are superficial they don't actually know me. it really gave me the strength to be a speaker and healer. just like einstein said “peace cannot be kept by force; it can only be achieved by understanding.”- i want to explain myself so people understand. it's so strange how it was just another day and we never expected anything so extraordinary to happen, and to this day i still can't stop thinking about how much these events changed my life.

For information or a MAP of the reporting location click here

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