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UFO sighting?

I no BS saw a UFO tonight……there has been no other explanation. Am i crazy? im a non-believer

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19 Responses to “UFO sighting?”

  1. simplesimon says:

    You tell me. i suspect in ufo's. Do you?

  2. arilynn a says:

    they need you to understand about them
    when you live in Cali something bad is set to happen thats usually once they appear to warn us

  3. AskGriff says:

    Dude, I don't know. I'm a non-believer to boot, but I saw something one night within the Arizona sky that i will be able to't explain. Needless to say I never told anybody about it. 🙂

  4. AdamBeaz says:

    report it and get it on record.

  5. Nik-Nak says:

    I don't know if i suspect in UFOs, but i think you saw something. You need to explain what you saw.

  6. robby g says:

    i dont know what yo talking abou

  7. julianna d says:

    i do know , i suspect i saw one too, im also a non believer,,, or mayybe now i’m, dundunndunnn

  8. crikket04 says:


  9. Lilly says:

    Well… Ask your neighbors in the event that they saw it, too. Also, maybe visit an internet site for austronamy help. Whenever you're a non-believer like me, i assume… listed below are the things it will probably has been!!

    a celeb
    The moon
    A plane
    A shooting star

  10. Rusty Trombone Jr. says:

    Lay off the DMT bro. That was American Airlines flight 394

  11. Ruben G says:

    how is that BS?? i mean yea im nt an immense believer but i mean c'mon some of these stars wit such a lot of PLANETS!! n u think its hard for 1 of those planets to b inhabited by a lifetime of some sort thats selfish there are more starts than grain of sand on this planet.

  12. jim says:

    Been having a number of drinks tonight, have you ever?

  13. Mayan says:

    most probably secret aircraft. black projects continue as a consequence of our national security should be denied by the airforce.

  14. Nicole B says:

    sry dued but i do belive u saw sumthing bu not a UFO!

  15. LARRY J7 says:

    Yo Taylor
    You’ve gotten 800 words at your disposal — and we get — I saw a UFO tonight !!! Damn, dude, details !!!!!
    And, no, my man –jes cauz ya seed sumpin, dunt meen ya crazie !!
    I actually have the strongest lean toward the sooner responder's "thing" about how these items will be predisposed to simply "happen" before some really wierd stuff comes down, though — so, everybody, buckle up !!!!!!

    And, once more — DETAILS — you're killing us here !!!!

  16. Mr. Wizard says:

    Your details are about as vague because the classic blurred pictures of UFOs which might be all too common. I'm a believer of UFOs–but I don't think SETI alarms worldwide will hold forth that E.T. has come on vacation.

    Albeit true 98% of all UFO sightings may be explained (top secret military aircraft experiments, surface light reflections….etc), but there's that menacing 2% that to this present day, don’t have any explanation…..and Uncle Sam is mum on what it DOES learn about the entirety…..and possibly for good reason.

    UFOs are real. They've been depicted in artworks for the reason that beginning of recorded history by witnesses…..throughout history….that is the massive clue that’s right there in front of our noses—yet we don't see it.

    UFOs aren't extraterrestial certainly not. Their pilots are US–thousands of years from the longer term….who’ve managed the travel means to physically whiz BACK in time.

    And for time/space continum reasons, they could't interact w/ the past—which might be quite dangerous in the event that they meddled with history, for it may affect THEIR outcomes.

    And perhaps that may be their mission: to save lots of Earth and their lives by monitoring chronological historic events. Its not more a method out theory than those on UFOs already out…..and it’d be the reality the united states Government keeps secret on.

    Nonetheless it could explain why UFOs was seen hundreds of years back…..and it could explain why a typical industrial bolt was found INSIDE a rock–carbon dated 30,000 years old.

  17. Larry T says:

    Maybe you probably did! Why worry about it? i’m sure you aren’t crazy for seeing something! All of us seethings that others don't! Did you ever say – "hey, look into that?" And the opposite person says, "What? I didn't see anything!" It happens to everyone.

    There could be other explanations for UFO's though to inform you the reality. The Air Force is operating on new planes regularly. Also, it can have just been a celeb or another plane within the sky that gave the impression of something you had never seen before. i myself would "let it go." and focus on that "I'm an unbeliever" thing you mentioned. i feel that's where your main focus ought to be. it’s not that i am telling you what to believe, but maybe the indisputable fact that you mentioned has something there a good way to consider? Maybe you ought to hook up with someone who’s and discover more about why you aren't? Anyway, the precise to you.

    Incidentally, many people have seen UFO's too and aren’t crazy. Sooner or later we’ll all know what they are surely about. Watch and spot!! 🙂 Larry

  18. gort20022 says:

    UFO means alien ship. If it was a piper cub and also you didn't recognize it as such then that cub is a UFO.
    The Drake equation estimates a few thousand civilizations in our galaxy. So although what you saw was probably a number of our local boys there's a few 2% chance that it was extraterrestrial. If you see something weird get a gaggle of folk to have a look at it with you.

  19. Geoff G says:

    In the event you describe what you saw, someone here could possibly identfy it, after which it wouldn't be a UFO any further.


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