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UFO Reports from North Dakota

Let’s take a look at what’s been happening in North Dakota. Several cases from the state are already posted on our site. Among these are North Dakota Sheriff Files UFO Report, Triangle UFO Seen over Casselton, North Dakota, and Reader Relates North Dakota Sighting.

Belcourt – 06-18-12

I was out in the woods and saw this S-shaped thing floating about 6 feet in the air. It had no navigational lights, but had these weird looking words along the side of it that almost looked like old Cree writing.

It wasn’t a drone; I know that for a fact, but the weirdest thing that these little energy lights where gathering something from the ground. One of them flew towards me, and I heard a funny, humming noise. Then it flashed a deep purple light.

The only thing I remembered was after for some reason I was on the ground. It was like nothing ever happened. Am I going crazy or did I see something I do remember hearing something speaking in a language I couldn’t understand.

After that I didn’t see the object again, but I couldn’t sleep normally for 5 days or so. I watched this object for about 25 minutes.

New Town – 05-14-12

My husband and I were driving and in the distance in front of us we saw what looked like a very small tornado or “dirt devil.” My husband and I argued about what exactly it was. That was on our way into New Town, ND from Hwy 83 traveling on Hwy 23.

We stayed in New Town for 15 minutes or so and on the way back down 23 we spotted it again. The sky was clear; there were no clouds at all. Then we realized there were more than one of these things. There was another one behind us. They would fade in and out. I know this sounds really crazy, but at one point it looked like a large object was in front of us, but it was like a hologram.

My husband and I are both from Texas and have seen a funnel cloud or dirt storm (or a funnel cloud of dirt) but this was different. We are both of sound mind and do not drink or do drugs. Our eyesight is great. We can’t figure out whether it was something in the atmosphere playing tricks on us or some object that can’t be explained.

Casselton – 04-11-12

I and my 9-year-old daughter were sitting at a campfire in our backyard and looking at the stars. It was a totally clear evening with no clouds or moon in sight. We were looking towards the southeastern sky observing a distance jet aircraft that was moving eastbound.

Suddenly I observed coming from east to west a blur or smudge of lights. For a brief instant I thought a group of meteors were striking the atmosphere simultaneously, at least until my eyes became focused better on the blur of greyish-white lights.

When my eyes were focused completely, I saw an equilateral triangle directly over me moving rapidly to the northwest, but more westerly. The triangle had 3 dimly-lit lights near the points of the triangle.

I did not notice the color of the craft; however, my daughter thought it was black. She also asserted that the points on the triangle were rounded as opposed to sharp. The experience was only 3-5 seconds in length before the craft was out of sight, so each of our brains could only process a limited amount of information.

The craft made no noise that we could hear. Because I do not know the size of the craft, it is difficult for me to assess the height and velocity. If it was the length of a mid-sized commercial jet liner, then I would guess that this craft was about 1000 feet about us and moving perfectly straight at 150-200 mph.

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