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UFO Reports, 2000-2009

Updated December 06, 2009

2000 – The Illinois Triangles

The year 2000 brought us the compelling accounts of the Illinois Triangles.

Beginning almost like turning a calendar page, a cold January 5 would bring miniature golf course owner Melvin Knoll out to check the situation at his business.

Arriving at the course, he immediately noticed something unusual: a bright light glowing near the horizon. After he checked his course and finding all well, he returned to his truck to make the trip back home.

Before he could proceed, he could not help but notice the light he had seen earlier was now much larger and brighter, and moving in his direction.

He saw red lights beaming toward the ground, coming from a UFO which he estimated at six stories high, and an incredible football-field in length. He could also see the inside of the ship was lit from the inside.

The object slowly and silently moved toward the southwest. Knoll immediately reported his sighting to the Highland Police Department, whose dispatcher radioed ahead to the object’s possible next location, St. Clair County.

St. Clair notified the next possible location, Lebanon. At 4:10 PM, the first confirmed sighting by a policeman would occur. The object was sitting in midair, lit by two lights. The policeman began to race southeast, hoping to encounter the UFO. As he drove, the two lights appeared to merge into one.

The officer reported his sighting to St. Clair Emergency Dispatch, and requested alerts be sent to Millstadt, and Dupo. Millstadt officer Craig Stevens, after monitoring the report from Highland, would make an official sighting report, and his report would soon be followed by other official reports.

Reports of the unknown triangle would continue for several days, and a world-wide press event was in progress. Police Officer’s reports were posted on the Internet by Chief Ed Wilkerson, who soon had to stop all press events due to the fact that the everyday operations of the department were being disrupted.

The Illinois sightings of 2000 were an auspicious debut for the decade to come. There was never a conventional explanation for the Illinois triangle sightings.

2000 – The Sharon Rowlands Photograph

A major UFO event occurred in the tiny village of Derbyshire, United Kingdom. Housewife Sharon Rowlands, who only recently had received a camera, filmed what would be considered one of the best pieces of UFO evidence ever.

She captured 6-and-a-half-minutes of a UFO moving over her village. Kiviat executive producer Robert Kiviat found Mrs. Rowlands’ film while scouring the internet, contacted her and bought her film for over $30,000 dollars.

Mrs. Rowlands stated that: “I’ve watched UFO programs and if there is such a thing, this is as good a photograph as you’re going to get. I was a complete and utter disbeliever, but seeing this has made me think twice. It was huge and through the lens it looked like it was going to hit me. I couldn’t believe it – it’s like nothing else I’ve ever seen.”

2001 – Airborne Ring over Salt Lake City, Utah

On the first day of March, 2001, a truck driver in Salt Lake City, Utah, was making a routine delivery. He was soon distracted by a bright flash in the sky.

Looking up to find the source, he was amazed to see a ring-shaped object in the sky. He carried a digital camera with him. He grabbed it, and took several photographs.

Shortly thereafter, the ring disappeared, covered up by the clouds. Fortunately, there were two other witnesses to the unknown object. The truck driver’s photographs cause quite a stir in the UFO community. The driver was called for an interview by Art Bell, of Coast to Coast AM. The object has never been identified as any known conventional object.

2002 – UFO Photographed over Tyrone, Pennsylvania

In late 2002, the National Reporting Center reported the taking of a photograph over Tyrone, Pennsylvania. The event occurred on Sunday, October 20. Two color photographs were taken of an unknown object on an Olympus digital camera, and were investigated by researcher Stan Gordon.

Though excited by his photographs, the witness was a reluctant one, but did relate the details of his sighting via email.

While hiking through the woods on Ice Mountain, near the town of Tyrone, the witness was returning to his vehicle when he saw a bright light. At first, he thought he was looking at an airplane. But then, the object suddenly stopped in the sky. He then noticed an orange-red haze around the object.

Suddenly, before his eyes, an extremely bright, blue-white light beamed to the ground. The witness stated that the beam was not a normal flashlight beam. The photographer made the following statement.

“This was no searchlight. Even a well focused searchlight tends to diffuse with distance, but this light was a tight, bright, beam from top to bottom.”

As he continued to watch the object, it would dim, and then brighten. It was of a circular-shape as it hovered, but as it began to move, it appeared more “egg-shaped.” Within a moment, the object shot straight up at an amazing speed, never to be seen again.

2003 – Wisconsin – Disc Photographed

A very compelling photograph of an unknown object was taken over the city of Weyauwega, Wisconsin. The eyewitness and photographer did not wish to disclose the exact location to keep the privacy of a friend intact. The witness’s son was also a witness to the UFO.

The man was taking pictures of his son, who was sledding in the snow. It was late evening, and the son noticed some lights in the sky. Two photographs were taken of an object that looked similar to a balloon, except for its lights, which seemed to cycle through several colors.

The UFO passed almost directly over the heads of the two witnesses, heading in a southerly direction. As the object moved over them, it appeared to be more of a disc-shape. The son constantly queried his father about the UFO, but his father could not give him an adequate explanation. Neither was anyone else.

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