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The REAL Reason For Solar Observatory Shutdown?..

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48 Responses to “The REAL Reason For Solar Observatory Shutdown?..”

  1. Blake Weaver says:

    China f**** with the back door

  2. Me You says:

    I saw another vid where they ask the town what's going on but not the people that work at the observatory, where are they ?

  3. Bob Boitt says:

    Funny how the Government agencies WE all PAY for believe they have the right to deny us the TRUTH. Extreme Power Corrupts.

  4. Sandra Hall says:

    There s other Solar Observatories around the world that look at the Sun 24hours a day,Get over it Tyler there isn't a fleet of UFOs coming to Earth. You Doyle!!

  5. The sun is different, it is bright white,and burns your skin as soon as you get in it , it use to be a lite yellow color, maybe they know why from what they have seen

  6. 2, 5 and 8 minutes in are ads.

  7. bolivian23 says:

    It has become known that 6 more Solar Observatories (Australia, Chile, Spain, Hawaii, and Pennsylvania) have been shutdown: We note that all these solar/space cams down at the same time as the Solar Observatory in New Mexico.

  8. gbunch42 says:

    Been with this channel about three and a half years and it only gets better. There is definitely something “hush, hush” going on here. Of course, we will be fed a bunch of governmental bs when they are done snooping. We will have to do the the usual, reading between the lines hypothesis. This is where your awesome channel comes in. I know that I can trust that you will put all you have into solving the mystery game that the government plays.

  9. A drug lab on the property?

  10. MultiMamele says:

    At 4:34 there is also the footage with something circular passing twice in opposite directions in front of the sun. so this is not the valid footage.

  11. lauren faro says:

    Somebody from the observatory will eventually talk.

    They always talk


  12. skyhunter427 says:

    Other sites were reporting it was a Chinese monitoring issue, ( attennas ) and thats why they closed down everything

  13. Lein says:

    Give this woman some clout!!! She found what shutdown the solar observatory

  14. allen Dudash says:

    I not saying it aliens but it was aliens

  15. Equaliser says:

    There was a crop circle that appeared in the grounds of the observatory. They are examining it and analysing the message.

  16. joeydiver76 says:

    I don't think in my opinion that capturing a picture of any type would cuase the FBI to shut down observatory And post office. Something happened other than capturing a picture. Many pictures have been taken that the government would not want released, this is not new. Something happened on property to justify closing streets, post office, and observatory.

  17. I guess the government will tell the population when it’s too late….

  18. rowditess says:

    Maybe watching and keeping separate files from government.

  19. rowditess says:

    Maybe watching and keeping separate files from government.

  20. Rumor is anthrax was mailed there. Noone really knows.

  21. winrj2008 says:

    You need to look from a prophecy perspective and biblical perspective .

  22. Michael Lane says:

    Who do they think they are fooling!?

  23. Niphredil02 says:

    Hey Tyler, why would you leave the fact out about TWO massive objects flying past the sun in different directions??? One I feel is definitely the moon … But what was the other one that you conveniently let out??? Just saying!!!????

  24. Scott Duffy says:

    Giant alien craft I am sure no shit for real this time

  25. Good investigative research Tyler thank you.

  26. Jesse Bauer says:

    I’ve been on the edge of my seat with this story so far. It’s extremely interesting and puzzling. I can’t help but believe that all of the solar webcams going down all at the same time is linked to this. None of it sits well with me at all. It feels like there is something big going on here. Can’t wait to see what unfolds.
    DISCLOSURE NOW!!! ✊🏻✊🏻✊🏻

  27. Dave R says:

    Anything the gov says is usually alway Bullcrap!

  28. Hmm maybe we should call the scooby doo team!!!

  29. Watch Naughty Beaver Tyler…You also missed the object go down first in front of the sun and then hours later it went up the left side

  30. Ali f says:

    Life is so rare that has to be planed and at the same time, it's so abundant like diamond or crystal rain in some planet/moons etc. So it's "free".

  31. Kirito Ream says:

    I want to know I have some information for you. It may interests you.

  32. Lisa Martin says:

    "THEY" don't want you to see the coming of the "MESSIAH"!!!!!!With the red calf being born on August 28th…. the "END" is nigh.!!!!!!

  33. Kevin Jolly says:

    So that was just click bet…………

  34. Your caption said the “real reason sunspot was closed” well, you still didn’t give the reason.. BUMMER

  35. Bacatruth says:

    Very good job Tyler. You gotta wonder why the news media isn't looking into this. And a small town like that it should be easy to find the postal workers or one of the employees of the observatory.

  36. Bruce Lee says:

    Watch Naughty B…..

  37. Derek R says:

    The most logical explanation is a local bomb threat.

  38. Someone get down there and find out what's going on !!!!

  39. Ruth Bates says:

    They shutdown their website too.

  40. I think the FBI is hiding something.

  41. hasv e says:

    Your lunar transit part of the video if you go back a coupe of house in the footage you will see a circle coming down in the opposite direction. 2 circles In 2 hours traveling in opposite directions.

  42. Born Free81 says:

    Get a list of all people employed there and find out who ends up dead/ missing first. Lol


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