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UFOs over Oklahoma

The state of Oklahoma has had its share of UFO reports. Here are some cases we have previously posted: Triangle Sighting near Norman, Oklahoma-Was Couple Abducted by Aliens, Texas-Oklahoma Border – Two UFOs Connect, Scientist Sees Triangle UFO, and Sphere-shaped Object Seen near Lake Quanah Parker, Oklahoma. Let’s take a look at some recent sighting […]

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UFO Sighting in Fort Towson, Oklahoma on November 23rd 2012 – Clearly viewed craft that started to shimmer red orange underneath, pop, then appeared to cloak

UFO SIGHTING! Thursday, 11/23/2012 05:00pm Around a quarter to five in the evening I went out to feed my horse. After feeding her I walked over to her water trough to clean out the debris. Im hearing a lot of birds chirping overhead so I look up and notice a very long fairly thick flock […]

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