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Silver sphere UFO reported over French town

by Roger Marsh

A French witness at Burnhaupt le Bas reported watching a hovering silver sphere that quickly disappeared, according to testimony in Case 86596 from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database.

The witness was driving on double-lane RN 83 toward Mulhouse at 8:02 p.m. on July 28, 2017. The testimony and investigator’s notes were translated from French with Google Translator.

“Suddenly I saw a huge silver or chrome sphere that was very polished (shiny) in the sky right in front of me,” the witness stated. “She appeared like that, suddenly. I immediately eliminated the possibility that it was a plane, a helicopter, a hot-air balloon or other. She was huge and was hovering. As the RN 83 is downhill at this point, the sphere was straight on the horizon in front of me, so no need to lift the head, and much larger than when I see the moon or the sun in the sky. I was at the same time on the phone and told my interlocutor, live. The sky had absolutely no clouds. I unlocked my iPhone, which was paused, wanted to take a picture, but it stubbornly refused to take it while my storage capacity is still great. I was stubborn and there, the photo button was gone from my screen Then, I wanted to take a video in speed because the sphere was deteriorated since my essay photo, like a hologram, which starting from its center, disappeared or disintegrated, and instead I saw the blue sky, as if the sky filled the sphere. Remained only as a pretty thick hoop (the thick contours of the sphere) and at the moment when I clicked to activate the video mode, the sphere disappeared instantaneously all at once, leaving only an immense azure sky, as before its appearance. Then, a few seconds later, I saw, but much farther and higher in the sky, a whitish and perfectly circular cloud, which at first was very distant, then came closer, but while staying far away. In no case could it be the moon because she was on the other side. I can easily take a picture of where I was if you want, maybe you can get a picture of its approximate size (huge).”

France MUFON National Director Pascal Fechner closed this case as an Unknown – Other. 


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