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PROOF OF ALIENS? UFO sighting in Vienna, Austria, in shocking … –

Worried Austrians posted the photos online and even called the police after spotting the UFO-like craft hovering above the capital Vienna.

The bright flying object, which appeared to by spherical in shape, illuminated the city from above as it gave off a white and almost purple glow.

UFO-spotters claim the craft was also spotted travelling over several nearby cities including the southern town of Graz.

It comes almost ten years after a simiar looking UFO was spotted over Moscow.

But many online commentators have been quick to dismiss the claims, saying the supposed aircraft looked more like a large quadrocopter – a small helicopter with four rotors.

Officials have not released any comment about the sighting as yet.

It was not the first time Austrians have been spooked by a mysterious flying object this year.

During New Year’s celebrations, a student captured footage of a UFO apparently being struck by lightning in the Mostviertel area of Lower Austria.

The video, which was never propeller explained, showed students dancing as the camera pans upwards to follow some fireworks when it spotted the bright orb in the sky.

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