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OBJECT Off Coast Of Greece Wasn’t There Before..

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30 Responses to “OBJECT Off Coast Of Greece Wasn’t There Before..”

  1. gary blais says:

    Blah Blah Blah keep it up your sounding great

  2. Gonzo21 says:

    You're missing the point the energy waves are being used 2 purposely targeting Hawaii by affecting the Hurricanes heading toward it and they were even affecting the volcano why do you think it wouldn't stop. There is a war going on and it is being fought with directed energy weapons and that's what we're seeing going on. By the way the early warning message that said a missile was going to hit Hawaii a few months ago. Well, there's a very high probability that there was a missed inbound and for whatever reason it did not impact Hawaii. Since then it's been getting attacked using D.E weapons. Ask yourself what famous parasite, I mean politician, frequents Hawaii a lot? Who considers it to be their backyard? Could that person and what they're apart of have anything to do with why it's being targeted. Considering he was there the day that the missile allegedly was shot at Hawaii.

  3. J Kerfont says:

    About space missions, you never hear about Sky-Lab

  4. Kyle Kampman says:

    Love the Ocean and Antarctica stuff. As alien as it gets right here on Spaceship Earth.

  5. Geo Catez says:

    It's the oceans drain

  6. don't worry. it's only underwater swamp gas. nothing to see here.

  7. Zeuz says:

    I think it’s HAARP…always messing with the weather…never mess with something you don’t understand

  8. Tony says:

    Someday something absolutely crazy is going to happen! sit back grab some popcorn and enjoy the show folks.

  9. bLx says:

    satellite images ?, lol ok ^^

  10. swardinc says:

    wait, is that near where greeks had issues of things suddenly combusting several years ago?

  11. 4:17 could those waves be anything linked to weather manipulation…really seems like it

  12. Aaron West says:

    ive got a massive circular object for ya

  13. wolf222555 says:

    Interesting as always Tyler. The strange wave and the weather systems? Yes, highly probable weather tech in use. ( even in the 1960s U.S scientists were trying to develop this kind of tech and i seriously doubt that they just gave up!( google it, its open info). Humans ALWAYS ask ONE thing first when discovering something new:" How can we make this into a weapon???". Honestly, if YOU were an Alien, would YOU want to openly contact such a primitive,barbaric race? As for the " disc" of the coast of Greece….no doubt it will be explained as a " natural phenomena"!!! Yeah….sure. Best regards pal, always enjoy your vids. Take care.

  14. Ryan W says:

    Ben Franklin was a serial.killer

  15. Rhazule Rahl says:

    Tyler there appears to be trail of cleared kelp/seaweed leading to the round object from the south off the coast of Greece. Just looking at the timelapse, it's solid dark green and then all of the sudden there's a "road" leading right to it? Definitely different, who knows how it got there but keep up the good work!

  16. Annoh selP says:

    Are they starting fires to hide the sky? (On the West coast)

  17. guss buss says:

    if ice falls off Freon hoses, would there be other picks of that?

  18. Jack Wagon says:

    What kind of energy? Acoustic? Thermal? Please be more specific.

  19. Val Kush says:

    Firm believer of E.Ts 👽, always great content Ty 👌

  20. Its funny when you have secureteam withdraws so you start watching a vid ( the one ironically where you found that circle that traveled 40 miles zig zaging on the ocean floor) and you get a notification about a new vid! Been a member for a couple years now and by far my favorite channel! Keep up the great work Tyler! Once i have some extra cash I'm definitely getting me a shirt to support the channel! Just currently unemployed at the moment……Also can someone tell me the name of the music that starts playing when he is wrapping up the vid? It says dark trap in the description but the one I found was his older out to song. Is it a remix?

  21. Ryan W says:

    Harry Trumens moving like bernie in the background

  22. That is absolutely weather manipulation courtesy of daarpa or haarp….hfw vlf waves no doubt in my mind

  23. vinny Cool says:

    What other channels do you recommend for this type of news?

  24. You's must be blind I can clearly see the object was there in 74% of the earlier photographs you showed. Perhaps I'm the only one with x-ray vision 😎

  25. Object in Greece was placed there by the Russian bots.

  26. Gabriel 777 says:

    Wonder if this had anything to do with it because MIMIC picked up the same thing just over two years ago…..


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