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NOBODY Saw It Coming.. Ireland Mass Sighting Continues

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43 Responses to “NOBODY Saw It Coming.. Ireland Mass Sighting Continues”

  1. Tim Higgins says:

    Cell phones do the exact same thing.. guess everyone should just throw those away too right?

  2. Grant Sigmon says:

    Jim Pennitson’s supposed encounter at Rendlesham forest left him with coordinates at Ireland, haha. No big deal or anything, just trivia.

  3. If the government wants to listen to you, they'll listen to you, Alexa or not. Getting rid of your Alexa or whatever if you have one is pointless. Unless you also plan on getting rid of your phone, tablet, laptop, smart TV, smart watch ect ect. All these things can be used to remotely spy on you. It's the price you pay for technological advancement. Still I'd rather press ever forward than slip backward into a new dark age.

  4. Reiki Lynx says:

    I have 'observed' that when I watch any video about Alexa etc, my computer flashes with the tone that comes over speaker.
    I don't have any, yet my computer responds.

  5. In that case stop using cellular phones people.

  6. Why didn't any of these pilots take some videos on a phone. ..? ? ? 😎

  7. Amy Glover says:

    The rest of the internet become irrelevant when I saw secureteam had a new video.

  8. people need to also remember that pilots are responsible for the safety and the lives of everyone on board, they have a job to do-make sure your dumbasses get from point a to point b without getting DISTRACTED and falling out of the sky. the person who is in control of your plane going 300+ mph at 30,000ft above the ground, shouldnt be whipping out his phone to video anything shiny or cool lookin. end of discussion. any of you who feel there is more to discuss, can take a flying leap.

  9. Couple of channels on your ass.
    Sure hope they are wrong.
    I really enjoy your vids.. it'll be a shame if it were all for not.

  10. dim3nsi0nx says:

    Alexa is the new minority report

  11. ONE Meraz says:

    That's crazy Tyler. ..I just bought me an Alexa yesterday. And I asked what was her purpose. …she said (im here to provide u with any info on what u want to know) then she said (now lets get back into how to pop a pimple on your back) I started to laugh so hard because I never asked her that….now its just creepy. going to Target and return it

  12. Hey Tyler guess what, I'm Irish, I live in the ancient east and our security cameras pick up numerous UFOs, we see them very clearly because there's no light pollution here in the Forests. Anyway, not so long ago we caught a UFO coming into the atmosphere and descending into the forest, less than an hour after the camera picked that up, it picked up what I can only describe as a creature in the trees behind our house, this creature was clever enough to hide behind the tree when my Dad went out to check it out, as he went back inside the creature moved the tree top out of the way, looked down to where my Dad was standing, moved it's head back up and retreated behind the trees. Now get this, we're surrounded by ancient ruins etc and close by, where the UFO's seem to descend is a type of Newgrange structure. Interesting huh, if you're interested in this please don't hesitate to contact me, I'm not going to post my address here but I'll talk to you in person if you like, or I can forward the footage

  13. lochnes76 says:

    All this new tecky stuff might seem to make our lives easier or people just want it cause they want it, you’re just buying something you can do on something else and now it has become something intrusive in your lives. Stick to the basics and stop supporting rubbish. Soon no ones going to be using computers or laptops, everything’s gonna be done on a hand held as they get bigger….

  14. Not getting any notifications at all. Yes I have the bell on…

  15. Master X says:

    Well that's one good way to stop an argument.

  16. vortexrider1 says:

    i love your opening song!

  17. shippermd says:

    Sounds like you have a cold or something, Tyler. Get rest and Get Well Soon!!

  18. D kosdi says:

    You will have everybody in Ireland recording the sky for the next Month👍👍👍👍but then it's Christmas so drink for a month🍻🍻🍻🍻

  19. Good Gourd.  TinfoilHatTeam10.

  20. capcomaniac says:

    My phone told me that google is In trouble and it needed my help, by putting my credit card number name, address and the 3 funny number in the back of my card. Its said the app was call pay google.

  21. I have footage of them i see every night and you can move them

  22. I find it terrible that people are being threatened for doing something they have the right to do.

  23. igorglouch says:

    This morning I opened Russian news online, and there was an article about Antarctica, It stated that there are new discoveries there. I made a cup of coffee, and when I back, the article disappeared from the site. My vife and I was looking for it for 40 minutes all over another sites but did not find it. Did you hear of it?

  24. Barry Scott says: Yo you should look at this, wonder if it's anything to do with the NM observatory & others?

  25. Idk why people are silencing others for making videos in a plane, it's not illegal for them to do so. Sounds like the people silencing them are cowards.

  26. Lmao! Somewhere near 10:25, Tyler says, "Do you really want a black box recording everything–"
    With that article up of it being used to HELP SOLVE A MURDER…
    I'm like, so, it's basically an advertising tool/your own personal black box like in an airplane, in your home. case you die… that's just fantastic. Lolololol

  27. Derredmax says:

    It is so true. We pay a monthly fee to carry a box in our pocket that gives the dark side eyes and ears to everything we do. Even though we know there doing it. we do it anyway. Humans are so dumb. its no wonder we a quarantined to this rock. Just imagine the panic we would create if we could go anywhere in the galaxy. Oh my God the humans are coming! Just like finding black mold in the basement. And no that comment is not antis-emit. the Jewish mold is way greener with a lot more hair. If you find black mold in your basement. Just seal it off cause it will never go away. Humanity is here to stay, like a fungus….

  28. igorglouch says:

    Tyler, look at this video, you may use it for your reports

  29. MrStreetboy says:

    My wife was talking about getting an echo or one of the amazon ones. I straight up refuse to have one in my home. There’s nothing they can do for me than what I can do for myself already.

  30. That's why we should expect pilots etc to be able to send these images and info incognito…so it will be harder for the hush hush threatening people in charge to realize who's doing it…😀

  31. It's not just Ireland. It's Britain too.
    I tried to film one. It backed away from us like it knew we were trying to get footage of the bloody thing. It stopped in it's tracks, backed up into the cloud's and melted to nothing. ( It seemed to be having trouble) pulsing from super bright gold to strobing rainbow colours when still. This is a fact! It looked big too. All we could say was WOW! WTF! in total disbelief.

  32. Gordon GMan says:

    Be a good time to Boycott that airline. But we do not know there name.

  33. igorglouch says:

    Tiler, look at this video.. You may use it.

  34. I sent you picture of UFOS in LEEDS, UK u never use them but we go silly selfies with your merch… kinda wondering what your values are… n if merch is more important :/

  35. I think it is time to get rid of all of these things that we are using and stop the powers that be the way to go spy on us

  36. Solar Wind says:

    fkin fiddle fingers with a camera–laughing and giggling and CANNOT KEEP STILL.

  37. Clickbait says:

    6:06 Give a look or take a look Tyler? Just jesting with you. Love all you do!

  38. Mr K F says:

    I saw a UFO just the other day here in West Dublin Ireland. It was amazing. It was super fast and then it just slowed down, and turned direction, then it flew off again at very high speed. It was like a white disc shaped bright light. Unfortunately it was gone before I got a chance to record it. I was skeptical about UFO's, but not any more though.


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