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Navy Veteran Recounts UFO Sighting in Bermuda Triangle

Jun 20 2011

Navy Veteran Recounts UFO Sighting in Bermuda Triangle

The sighting recounted below occurred on a ship in the Bermuda Triangle in 1971.

Our witness is a 57-year-old Navy veteran, who claims that he saw five UFOs in the summer of 1971. He was 19-years-old at the time.

He had just finished his shift as a watchman in the engine room of a ship, and went out to the deck to have a smoke before he retired.

As he was standing there, he saw 2 objects that looked just like stars, traveling at an astounding speed from one point in the night sky to another.

Astonishing Sight

To his astonishment, the objects came to a screeching stop! They didn’t even slow down before they suddenly stood still in the sky.

He then noticed 3 other objects in a perfect 45 degree angle which also were stopped. He thought at first they were stars also.

As he contemplated what kind of craft could make these types of maneuvers, the objects all took off at a great speed. They maintained their distance from each other as they streaked away.

Within seconds they were gone from the sky. After he told his story to others, no one really believed him, telling him he must have been seeing some type of conventional craft.

The veteran of many sea voyages disagrees with the debunkers, considering the extremely fast speeds and maneuverability of the unknown objects.

Here is the original: 
Navy Veteran Recounts UFO Sighting in Bermuda Triangle

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