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I’ve NEVER Seen “Clouds” Do This…

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23 Responses to “I’ve NEVER Seen “Clouds” Do This…”

  1. John Boyle says:

    These are not clouds at all a don't know what it is but u can tell its not a cloud the orbs that appear are interdimensional ufos

  2. lizardzman says:

    Sorry, doesn't look like a cigar. Looks more like a Hoagy sandwich.

  3. Blinking lights signifies man made craft

  4. One of the signs of the last days, Jesus said, would be strange signs and terrors in the heavens. It's HAPPENING!

  5. Cameron T says:

    Maybe due to all the pollution in the air, the orbs are forming water in the form of clouds since water turns into rain, thus forming oxygen. Who knows I am not a chemist but it certainly seems that way to me.

  6. Sometimes I wish we really did have Marvel Superheroes to sort all this business out!

  7. Tesser Act says:

    Saddam Hussein has a secret nuclear base in the cloud, but it appears as a chocolate factory. Dont be fooled people Saddam is running the show from his cloud factory.

  8. Vectors… Chevrons…. Kites…

  9. Great stuff ,, i have seen stuff like this before 👍👽👽👽 greetings from Norway

  10. crapper qur says:

    This is so weird. Almost like they're using the cloud cover to transport something

  11. Yes ive seen clouds that appear super fast ..ohh n the second Object looks like a kite…

  12. I dont know if anyone else noticed, but to the right of the main cloud, a light flashes a couple of times. You can see it better when the contrast is adjusted.

  13. Ilhan H says:

    A wilhiem reich cloudbuster for these weather Modification punks

  14. Irfan irfan says:

    I think it's geo engineering,I was listened satellite can change weather.but they don't want to leak this mistry.

  15. Lee says:

    TYLER….. I Filmed the VERY SAME CLOUD in the UK for over 3 hours, it never moved it just kept changing shape… I sent you a link to the video a few months ago… please watch it. Thanks

  16. Keep the good work coming Tyler…. UK

  17. Mariah Cox says:

    Hi,Tyler,when I saw a U F.O over my house it hovered for over 20mins and the lights from it were doing some funky maneuvers it was a cloudy night and when the u.f.o left all the clouds disappeared within mins and it wasn't even cloudy.

  18. Although pretty quick to occur, the crest of mountains where two air masses of differing temperature clash is often where clouds form so not unheard of. The vapor saturation point is met and what wasn’t visible becomes so. What intrigues me more is what they were mentioning that happened before the clouds took shape. What numerous objects did they see before the clouds started forming that initially got their attention. Unfortunately we don’t have that. (Living in the Cascade mountain range with my location 43-miles from Mount Saint Helens and 44-miles from Mount Hood on the other side with the mouth of the Columbia River gorge 12-miles away provides a fertile testbed for cloud formation. Lenticular clouds are also a more common occurrence here with so many higher altitude rock formations jutting up like Mount Rainier in the distance that can catch the Pacific flow moisture and hold it).

  19. twin two says:

    It's the chariots you can find them in scripture it's how the holy family travel the orbs are the Angels

  20. Bryan McHugh says:

    Ladies and gentlemen and the good OP. Overall EXACTLY what you are looking at is PIXELATED WEATHER!! Hell YES it is! WHO are the JACK NUTS at the DOD that have been PIXELATING THE WEATHER??

    YES it is the HAARPS(there are actually MANY all over the world). It is being used as COVER. This planet is EXTREMELY BUSY lately..


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