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It’s Not From Around Here..

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Ocean object update:
Strange cloud:
Sunset flash:
Green comet:

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29 Responses to “It’s Not From Around Here..”

  1. secureteam10 says:

    New DAYTIME video post? More like #RestfulSleepTeam

  2. Matt C says:

    Comet ISON round two and those clouds are crazy.

  3. I am pretty sure this is not alien space ship. Probably secret military project.

  4. It would be a miracle to find anything!!!!

  5. bZIK says:

    The sudden arrival of TESLA ha ha ha lol

  6. David Garcia says:

    Green flashes and green rays are optical phenomena that sometimes occur just after sunset or right before sunrise. When the conditions are right, a distinct green spot is briefly visible above the upper rim of the Sun's disk; the green appearance usually lasts for no more than a second or two. Rarely, the green flash can resemble a green ray shooting up from the sunset (or sunrise) point.

  7. secureteam10 tyler i think there is a pattern or is that just me?
    3.4.2017 this video was postet:

    claiming we will make contact with aliens in the next year(2018)
    20.6.2017 Annonymous made this video:

    saying Aliens made contact with NASA and are coming here.
    22.9.2017 a user on 4chan claims to be a Alien named Myziam claims to come from Planet Varin because there had a War and trys to proof he is the real deal.
    19.12.2017 Mysterious object named oumuamua comes from outside the solar system to us and vanishes as fast as it came.
    20.12.2017 Pentagon releases the controversial UFO-video saying theiy "don t know" what? it is but are almost certaint that a human could not travel in a aircraft that fast.
    7.6.2018 Curiosity Rover finds Ancient-Biological-Molecules on Mars.
    19.6.2018 Trump Announces the creation of a Specal-Space-Force unit of the military that has the sole purpose of defending America against future "treaths".
    4.7.2018 Asteroid that acording to some peopel was a ufo hit the earth.
    9.7.2018(today) Goverment says theiy found nothing. Yet another object from outside the solar system enters ouer system?

    i don t know tyler,but this seems way to consistent to be just a bunch of "coincidences".

  8. REDDCB says:

    Thanos snapped his finger again… Must didn't work the 1st time… 😎😎😎

  9. Phosphoros says:

    Lol are they telling us they managed to find those two little piecies of rocks on the Ocean Floor?! No way you can find something so small.

  10. 7:55 looks like "snake way", if you look closely you can see Goku running by LOL

  11. Jillian says:

    Do you seriously not know what the green flash is? My 3rd grade teacher told us about it.
    Look it up.
    C'mon Tyler wtf was that a joke?

  12. Ryan Picco says:

    Goku was just powering up at the end of the vid!

  13. TripleZ89 says:

    Didn't they even find pieces of the Siberian Metoerite after it blew up and landed in a frozen lake? Those bits didn't fall into a "soft sea-floor" like this Pacific Ocean one. Sounds like a cop out and or they just gave up too fast. I thought they would be looking for weeks.

  14. Frank Pitts says:

    Yeah definitely a total BS story from our federal government and they would have been smart to have said they found nothing instead of that joke of a couple grains of sand they’re showing. I don’t believe or have faith in anything the government says.

  15. Curvy Bow says:

    This is not a cloud it's a chem-trails casting a shadow see it all the time!

  16. darren james says:

    So they can find a small rock the size of 2mm to 3mm but they can not find MH17. What a load of crap they are spinning

  17. Kaycee 777 says:

    I get so happy when I get a notification from Secureteam10! Your passion is reflected in your fabulous videos. Thank you Tyler.

  18. If from mars it’s worth millions!

  19. Chad Jacoby says:

    They green glowing object is related to Nibiru. I saw that & clouds on that guys YouTube page, Matt Rogers was it?

  20. Eventually, we’re just gonna film an alien coming in contact with us

  21. 8:07 looks like a Halo ring

  22. nomeaknat says:

    Tyler, blink twice if you are in danger.

  23. Deth Rugg says:

    As hot as it was coming through the atmosphere, it could have been at near melting temp then hitting cold water it could have exploded under water and shattered like glass
    Or maybe it was a ship landing then heading for undersea base

  24. My theory for the rise of comets, is that they really aren’t comets but UFO’s visiting but are being gunned down in space by either the recent black knight US Satellites, the Chinese, and Russian satellites, which were all launched in the span of 2-3 years ago or something else is going on..

  25. Can we say"jet dry"?

  26. That golf cart is SWEEET..Iwant one of those

  27. "its the government, theyre on our side."


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