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If You Dont Believe Watch This- Recent Mass UFO Sightings 2011

Demand the truth!

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  1. palm says:

    I have videos of presidents, air force officers, generals & astronauts all
    admitting aliens & their space crafts are here.I know how to literally
    bring the aliens right to me & I‘m going to do it as soon as I get the
    funds.See the truth about the aliens explained better than ever before at
    my free website alienspaceshipidentified Google search engine. I swear if
    you read the entire website & watch all of the video evidence you will
    understand the truth about the aliens.

  2. Kay Cee says:

    5 years ago I visited my sister in Phoenix, AZ and one night I was walking
    around this gigantic parking lot in her building complex and I had that
    creepy, ominous feeling as if I was being watched and I stopped dead in my
    tracks when I saw a triangular shaped air craft hovering above me WITH NO
    SOUND and no movement. I felt as if it was watching me back!! I started
    FREAKING out & about 3 mins ltr all of a sudden it took off faster then
    anything I’ve EVER SEEN. STILL IT MADE NO NOISE when it took off into the
    darkness. Fucking creepy as hell!! Your brain tries to rationalize and not
    believe but it can’t be denied when its right in front of you!

  3. QrayzHD says:

    I have had 2 experiences with UFOs that changed my life forever, i have
    never seen better UFO evidence online then both the Zimbabwe school UFO
    sighting which involved 62 people and the Victoria Australia school UFO
    sighting which involved around 200 people.

  4. Shilly Storm says:

    We are going to determine that the ancient Sumerian text is correct
    (pre-bible, before the middle eastern religions polluted the masses) We
    arrived here VIA other worldly creatures who modified animals that were
    already here on earth to create modern humans for their own purposes – Old
    and new testaments are ‘resting places’ for the worried, restless human
    mind, that hasnt been given proper direction by our galactic deadbeat great

  5. Michael Sterling says:

    My sister and I witnessed a huge orange glowing ball ascend from a river to
    the clouds and disappear into a hole that opened up in the sky. Despite
    being so large and colorful, it didn’t light up anything around it. It was
    truly an amazing experience that has humbled us, and shown us there are
    things we know nothing about!! Don’t rely on “scientists” and people who
    claim such things aren’t possible!! Forget the physics we know of today,
    the future will shock all of us with how amazing it is

  6. jason hubler says:

    at 3:04 it is an actual mother ship. its creating an optical illusion 

  7. Kirsten Collins says:

    There’s no denying they exist, it’s just to bloody big (the universe) and
    these videos are amazing, it scares me and makes me emotional watching
    them, but only because I don’t understand.

  8. MrWerewolf64 says:

    I saw a triangle shape with a light at bottom and it had lights on the on
    the tips of the triangle and it came from the left and stayed there for a
    bit and started to move forward and started going over my house and that’s
    when I saw the black triangle shape and it was moving really quick also
    there was a flashing light to the right of it and after it came over my
    house the light disappeared 

  9. jesus castillo says:

    Believe this.

  10. Michael Sterling says:

    I love how people seemed to be so shocked at the idea that other life may
    exist in this almost infinite universe, come on people…… isn’t
    the oldest planet in the universe, and the milky way galaxy isn’t the
    oldest either. Obviously, these beings know how to travel beyond light
    speed, even possible using black holes to bend space onto itself in order
    to travel 100k’s of light years almost instantly. There is a video of a
    news channel catching a UFO flying beyond the max speed of anything we
    have, the truth is out there. Most people are too afraid, and ignorant to
    accept it.

  11. JerryPatti says:

    Something wicked this way comes…

  12. knailed says:

    For once I’d like to watch UFO footage without the shitty ambient music.
    Makes the whole thing cheesy.

  13. sebation Michaelis says:

    Why now why do the thing begin in the 21 century?

  14. Dan Williams says:

    Kay, I have talked to others who have seen crazy craft in the night sky,
    have personally seen lights that you would not believe.

  15. TheRahkul says:

    ET’s or ED’s have been happening for centuries, now they are starting to
    come out more and in populated areas. I wish before they appear people
    educate themselves about extra terrestrial, extra dimensional beings. Our
    Gods, no matter which religion, were species, you can choose to believe
    they were aliens or they were extra dimensional. There is no third
    alternative. In the movie the fourth kind, they show the original footage
    of the women being possessed by being who then tells her that he is God!
    See, gold is created in outer space and involves explosions of epic
    proportions between stars. So, gold is basically a universal commodity and
    can be assumed to be valuable enough to attract aliens.
    Also, I thing Gods created us just because they could. Thats why the whole
    illuminati thing freaks me out. I doubt its satan they are praying to. I
    think it’s an ED/ET who just wants our gold. Or may be I am getting more
    and more confused the more I dig, I also believe that this is being done on
    purpose by laying disinformation on the internet.

  16. Asy LikesBlue says:

    This is definitely not true.They are making this up.Our technology is
    really high tech and maybe it could only be a hologram.Lies all lies.stop
    it with this UFO’s.

  17. MelonBobby says:

    The caller sounds like an actor. Don’t give credence to it as “the eerie
    sound of truth” – there’s certainly no evidence in this video to support
    that. But great entertainment! Only in America.

  18. n0ka says:

    one of the best videos on youtube on ufo’s

  19. steelcity6 says:

    I was almost ready to put some importance to this then I saw Fox News and I
    knew it was a lie.

  20. CamiloSanchez1979 says:

    All of them have been debunked as hoaxes or human made aircraft. Is

  21. teal tee says:

    You have to do some research on this blue beam light also the Goverment is
    doing this also. I think these Aliens have been here for ever and the
    Goverment has been working with them for some time now but they are not who
    the Goverment thinks. Big time deception is coming on the earth and very
    soon. Many will be fooled and believe these demons are gods its going to
    get scary before Jesus comes to get his elect.

  22. Marion Espanol says:

    Whats the background music? Please respond…

  23. Bixby Snelgrove says:

    Clearly a space poo

  24. Lt P says:

    As a young child my family saw something back in 1959 while driving from
    home (Pine Bush NY) to grandparents’ home in Middletown NY (22 miles over
    rural highway). I spotted 3 bright widely spaced white lights in a
    triangular formation approaching from the NW. Thought it was a USAF plane
    (NE Air Defence Command at Stewart AFB 5 miles to the SE). Told Dad to stop
    the car. I got out as the thing hovered over the road approx 50ft in-front
    of the car. There were no stars visible between the lights (black body, no
    center light) and it was silent. Shined a flashlight at it. Then another
    car approached from front and the thing disappeared. When we arrived at
    grandparents’ home we found 3hrs had passed since leaving home when the
    trip normally took only 1/2 hr. Have had future revealing premonitions ever
    since this encounter. It WAS Unidentified, Flying & a solid Object (UFO)

    Laugh while you can Monkey Boy. But when it happens to YOU – you’ll

  25. Daniel Conahap says:

    6:45 i think im gonna faint


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