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Giant Floating “Building” Above Sweden?

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38 Responses to “Giant Floating “Building” Above Sweden?”

  1. DaBlanksta says:

    Giant piece of shit found floating over Tylers anus.

  2. Phil Bostick says:

    It’s a giant space turd.

  3. Looks like one of those Indian ancient flying machines. The Vimana

  4. Coloca una maldita traducción no se como decirlo


  6. Nadinee says:

    Someone just playing with their new 3D holographic projector that's all

  7. GODrules555 says:

    If the object is an alien probe then why is it twirling like it is out of control? Possible answer is that the Sun energy is always on it in every angle verses that if it came straight on it gets the energy from the front, and then when it leaves the sun the front no longer is getting the energy, and if it has something on the back it still gets not enough energy compared to the twirling action which baths the entire machine with sunlight like a Human Being getting a full suntan which means you have to keep turning, and moving around, and the beautiful part is that it looks normal in space, and it looks as though it is out of control; therefore, the conclusion is that it is just normal space stuff, but that conclusion only belongs to a lower intelligence because a higher intelligence will see "the mathematics;" thus, the higher intelligence will know it was created by "Aliens." However, that is only if it is not normal space stuff that the Universe itself created, and therefore has nothing to do with "Aliens." EYE 5

  8. Elijah Boyd says:

    That building is a stoopah. It's a bell and there are legends about them in India!! Many temples are modeled after them in Indonesia and India

  9. That's just pewds, dont worry about it.

  10. Erin Graham says:

    How is nobody seeing this? No one on the sidewalks are even looking up or reacting to it.

  11. dimples says:

    The coming of the lawless one is by the activity of Satan with all power and false signs and wonders, and with all wicked deception for those who are perishing, because they refused to love the truth and so be saved. Therefore God sends them a strong delusion, so that they may believe what is false, in order that all may be condemned who did not believe the truth but had pleasure in unrighteousness. 2 Thessalonians 2:9-13 FYI- The LIE is on its way, get ready!

    • Betsy L Rice says:

      Amen. When Satan and his angel followers were sent away from heaven due to their rebellion their realm became earth. There are many entities (both good and bad) we are unable to see but they are very powerful and are able to do many things outside our capabilities. (Gen.6,Jude 1:6,Eph. 6:12,Isaiah 6, Job 1:6,Jude1:9, 2 Corinth. 11:14, Daniel 10:13, Rev. 9:11,1Peter5:8,). And we are able to see them when our eyes are opened ( Kings 6:17).

  12. I love my Galactic Family and my Earth family!

  13. nofd1977 says:

    Disclosure is near. They are prepping us for the so called ALIEN invasion. Get right with Father folks

  14. joshua7878 says:

    Object over Sweden looks like a vimana

  15. Fritospie says:

    Tyler, have your u ever heard of a mirage?

  16. Tyler! Look at the video you made titled- Creepy UFO stalks kids throughout the day.
    Same bell shaped UFO!

  17. Sole Soul says:

    It's a taco bell ufo.

  18. Diane Riley says:

    It's die Glocke and Hitler says he wants it back

  19. click that bell for notification

  20. Looks like these troglodytes will never de-program. All they know how to do is crack jokes. It's very low-brow and rotten to its core. Drives me nuts. Keep reporting in a neutral platform.

  21. Rika Made-it says:

    Tyler i tagged your channel in so many Reddit posts on the subject. The link literally said: No credit??

  22. Chris Strong says:

    Academy of

  23. Hey Steve,
    Please review this very short video. It was taken with a high speed/low light/high resolution video camera at full zoom into Space at about 5am Wednesday morning 11/7/2018.
    You will see only static. After the screen dims, start hitting this pause button and do a screen capture. The film is only 15 seconds but at 60 FPS there is room for a lot of captures. Once frozen, you can literally "see" what is being transmitted to Earth from Space (light, matter, energy). That same static is already here fully entrenched on Earth and it is pounding our magnetopause like crazy by from all sides of Earth. This is the interloper that has entered our Solar System.
    This, I believe, is also giving us the unusual cloud formations and causing us to see other anomolies with the Moon, Sun, and our Planets.
    Please let me know what you think if you have a chance to review.. You are best to view video in a darker room as the video is somewhat dark.
    Do you know what this is? I believe that I do.
    I've been filming this for 20 months now.
    The secret is the light and speed in which you are looking at space.
    Bring up the low light. Take out as much of "our visible light spectrum" as possible and use high speed film or video to capture a video of this static that can be frozen into many still images, of something.
    Edit the screen captures to lighten if you wish. I do believe you will be able make something out. It may take awhile to see this. Selectively, for an unknown reason, some will not see anything. Alternatively, some will see clearly. Others will see eventually, but it may take time to develop an eye for this.
    Dave B Phoenix Arizona

  24. Floating gothic castle!

  25. Ding dong the witch is dead…

  26. Pant Ero says:

    Something gonna happen, oh yeee.

  27. Randy Hill says:

    That's not an alien, Clark. That's the light on the sewage treatment plant.

  28. Falcon1911A1 says:

    Alien invasion is near… They are Almost at the Border so Be prepared.

  29. Q Anon says:

    Disclosure is happening. …
    The invasion and great deception will be leading many astray.
    Aliens ARE demons.

  30. Giant Floating building is real

  31. ican def see a basket. put ur glasses on tyler

  32. Advertisement ballon the anchor/attachment is shown..


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