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49 Responses to “FRIGHTENING WARNING From Scientist About CERN..”

  1. Assuming a black hole is created at all, as tiny as it would be, it would evaporate due to hawking radiation in a fraction of a second, too quickly for it to absorb any other matter. Besides, one hypothesis suggests that micro black holes form and fade all the time.

  2. Emma Donahue says:

    Glad that you got your tooth out. Thanks for letting us know about things nobody tells us about. My husband & I have never heard about this scary thing. Keep up the good work. Emma & Glen

  3. The conCERN is real just wonder if the science is definitely an assortment of oddities from weird ceremonies and statues to weather phenomenon.

  4. I guess you could say.. We should be conCERNed .

  5. Am I the only one who thinks this would make a great movie or tv show?

  6. Why is this outrageous stuff being allowed to happen? Doesn't anyone, government, or agency oversee what they do there? Are they permitted to conduct whatever type of "experiment" they want?!! Why doesn't anyone stop them?

  7. Diamond Lou says:

    I’m assuming that both you and Jess (BPearthwatch) are being blocked so everyone is being forced to go to MSM Channel s to get info on Micheal. I find it really hard to believe neither one you have put a video in the last 11 hrs. As it makes landfall your all silent.


  9. Aaron says:

    To you, reading … Jesus loves you!

  10. MFP 2241 says:

    Realizing that humans have been incautious and irresponsible enough to build and test nuclear weapons, this statement shouldn't be taken lightly for sure. But then, how can we regular human beings be able to stop such a scientifical frenziness?

  11. DirtyBird760 says:

    the particle accelerator does create black holes, but they only exist for a split second, they evaporate like a snowflake in hell.. they are not dangerous

  12. This is so dumb the only reason why black holes have a huge gravitational pull is that because they are insanely massive. But two particules that become a black hole will keep the same mass that they had before the collision, which is arround x E -20~. It wouldn’t do shit. This is base physics that you learn in college. But the audience is way too young to know that.. this is sad

  13. Tony APP says:

    Why is it the public are never consulted on matters such a cern when this can impact everybody on earth. If it was up to me this should be stopped to prevent the possibility of a disastrous situation.

  14. More Globalist hypocrisy. There not looking for good will.

  15. Dark Wish says:

    Why would any of us care about that anyway? We either get scientific advancement or form a cult to deny it and delay this advancement by hundreds of years.

  16. WotterMelon says:

    Maybe this is what the Aliens are here to observe, or warn us about! If there was a chance something we were doing here on Earth could literally destroy the universe, don't you think they would stop us?

  17. red squirrel says:

    How can thay possibly know that this is not dangerous, when you play with fire you get burnt, the thing is with scientists, thay don't care about the consequences, as long as thay prove thay are right.

  18. VRdude says:

    Lets not forget about the higgs boson particle, that could break apart the fabric of our reality, or if you believe in the multiverse theory, cause ruptures in our universe causing "bleeding" from one universe to another.


  20. Patty Angel says:

    I started researching Cern a few years ago. Cern is no joke. It's some scary shit.

  21. Jerry C says:

    No Tyler, not a "mini" black hole, a Subatomic black hole. The reason that is a none issue, is because the damned thing would evaporate before it could actually eat anything

  22. I had a dream if dis as a kid aswel

  23. Estebahn G says:

    155 Cat 5 landed in Panama City at 1236 and it will be blacked out for a while as they recover thousands bodies.

  24. Derek says:

    FWIW, Rees denies this according to the following article:

  25. Paul Maughan says:

    Tyler if those photos of weird weather around the LHC are real they would be enough to close it down. Where did you get them?

  26. Mateo_76 says:

    Where are the avengers when you need them the most

  27. That's not how black holes work. They don't suck anything in, gravity works the exact same with them. If the sun was a black hole with the same mass it would just be darker. Nothing crosses the event horizon, that's why it's called the "event" horizon. Everything entering the black hole will stop just short of the horizon and never enter it even if you waited an infinite amount of time. Also thanks to hawking radiation the black holes will evaporate very quickly.

  28. Mateo_76 says:

    Get better Tyler, god speed and god bless.

  29. About the Future:
    We already have the Bible's fairly large input that is however far from exhaustive!
    Personally, I consider the Bible the 'Final Word' on End Times but it does seems that God has also spoken to those outside the Judeo-Christian pipeline such as some Native Americans (I.e. Hopi's)!
    Therefore, I take in ALL resources of Information and Weigh this information against what I consider "Certain": the Bible's Outline of End Times.
    I don't SEE Blackhole related destruction in the Biblical Record so then I disregard it for the Most part! That is, because of my own limitations in Scientific knowledge, I place such on the very Back-burner but NOT off the stove!
    More to the Point for me is the Reasoning behind such an Effort and expenditure such as CERN!
    There HAS to be at least these Elements in CERN's Goals:
    1. Hubris
    2. Pride- that says 'We as so personally Special that we can become more than 'Human"!
    3. Lust for Power that is at the Core of blind and foolish hunger for Knowledge which is fundamentally 'Empowering'.
    4. Fear of Death as it leads to an Personal view of a type of Immortality that seems best for one regardless of the Biblical record!
    ALL 'VERY' psychological! All rather 'sick' rather than pure intellectual!

    Instead, be concerned about What's coming THROUGH that tear in the fabric of space and time!

  30. UzeHerName says:

    No need to be conCERNed.

  31. Joseph Card says:

    If it does create a hole we would never even know about. It would happen in a blink.

  32. UzeHerName says:

    CERN will open the gates of hell. And probably has to some degree already. Think of all the hatred, violence and catastrophes lately. Read Revelation, Daniel, Jeremiah and Isaiah.

  33. boomrattle says:

    Hi Tyler, I've been on a diet of sorts lately. If the planter shrinks down to the size of a couple of football fields, does that mean I can quit my diet? Peace

  34. Super Salty says:

    The Titanic sinking was very unlikely to happen too

  35. Cool video!! 8.47 minutes into the video we see a great photo of the collider and it looks so much like a mandala which is an ancient symbol meaning oneness and unity in all things. To me this has clear symbolic meaning—in trying to understand creation my manipulating creation we actually move further away from understanding it and risk being destroyed by it—creation of mini black hole.

  36. 186,000 miles per second… not per minute.

  37. trumpsahead says:

    If such a possibility of destroying Earth exists then we should be getting UFO sightings in that area. I would think the "watchers" from inner earth or elsewhere are keeping an eye on those pesky earthlings.

  38. i actually thought of this when cern was new

  39. Donny brown says:

    Tyler..keep em coming .Your the best.

  40. Kerry Havas says:

    Maybe it DID destroy the earth and we got thrown back through space-time in a Ground-Hog Day like affect to start the whole cycle over again! This all seems very familiar, like I have experienced it before. How long have we been stuck in this loop?

  41. discoHR says:

    They could create microscopic black holes which would disappear in less than a second. There is no reason for conCERN.

  42. kstars says:

    Tyler, it appears you're nothing more now than a conspiracy fear-mongering tabloid. I researched the photographer of those photos and it turns out those photos weren't even taken near CERN or any Large Hadron Collider. His name is Christopher Suarez. Here is an exert from his statement about other people using his photos.

    Suarez also told French-language magazine Le Dauphine that the pictures weren’t even taken over CERN, “but a little further on the Geneva basin.” Suarez also tweeted, “I don’t allow anyone, person or entity, (newspaper, TV, blog, etc.) to publish a picture posted on my wall, without my permission.”

    But Suarez’ condemnations could not stop multiple web sites from taking his photographs and using them alongside the story line that CERN created an interdimensional “portal.” One headline reads, “What is CERN doing? Bizarre clouds over Large Hadron Collider ‘prove portals are opening.'” Yet another reads, “Is THIS the portal to another dimension? Bizarre clouds spotted over Hadron Collider.” The stories appear mainly in tabloids and web sites with names like “Ancient Code” and “Prophecy News Watch.”

    You can read his story here:

  43. Fuck it we had our time. Joking but cern has a lot of press, any scientist would be a fool not to jump on the fear bandwagon.

  44. Stacey Lee says:

    Everyone check out fluerbruns channel they cut her broadcasts constantly she has some real intel

  45. Angie Parmer says:

    Why even risk it at all. If it could cause black holes dont do it, its putting the world at risk and no one has a say so about any of it. LOVE SECURETEAM!!!!!👽💕


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