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EXCLUSIVE: The Bob Lazar Interview

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26 Responses to “EXCLUSIVE: The Bob Lazar Interview”

  1. secureteam10 says:

    I just want to say thank you again, to Bob for allowing me this interview after so many years of shying away from these types of things, and to Jeremy as well for getting him and this film made. I'd also like to say it was AMAZING to see and meet so many Secureteam fans who showed up at the live premiere in LA last night, and that it was a true honor to meet all of you. Lastly, I want to say thanks to all of you guys here, who tune in each day to watch and who support what I've tried to do here. Please share/spread this video, and stay tuned for the end of the video/interview for a special photo!…

  2. S1CO1 says:

    We love,respect and believe you Bob Lazar. I feel privileged just writing to you. Thankyou brother. X

  3. Pual Cruz says:

    So I'm here watching Close Encounters of the third Kind, and then dawned on me… What if all the missing ships planes and ppl we're found in the artic.

  4. EJ Simpson says:

    Jeramy made the skinwalker which was a pile of shit DO NOT BUY !!!!

  5. Nick L says:

    I cant buy the movie? Is it available in Canada or only in US?

  6. Adam Robbins says:

    I had to work I missed the event but good to hear it went well, great interview Tyler!!!

  7. Wow, great job Tyler. I thought Bob was taller, and Jeremy sounds just as he looks…cool. Hurray for Bob the brave.

  8. alll i can say , THANK YOU ! for being a amazing youtuber

  9. Wesley Orr says:

    Huge mile stone for you, Tyler! Great interview!

  10. Chris Parker says:

    bob should really have a patreon it's been almost 30year i'm sure people would love that to support him

  11. Amazing.. All 3 of you are living legends.. 💯🙌

  12. Robin Morris says:

    Bob fuckin Lazar! Og triple og! Legend! He's what got me into this back in the stoneage,1980s..This is a coup for you Tyler, congratulations!👍👍👍

  13. 78deathface says:

    Jeremy Cordell seems like a tweeker

  14. This not only goes to show the level of Tyler's seriousness in his work but also the passion in what he does. Keep it up Tyler, for those of us that live our lives questioning everything. Don't stop for anything. Also, great interview sir.

  15. FGE TK says:

    Aliens Has Left The Chat.

  16. Raul Sanchez says:

    Wow i cant believe Bob was saying that we never back engineer any craft with the alien tech we confiscated when we did one of those craft with alien tech was the B 2 Stealth Bomber.

  17. DID i not say in a previous comment element 115 stabilized bet your life on it

  18. Great job Tyler! Living the dream!🤗🙏

  19. Erik says:

    i bought and watched the documentary, it was entertaining for sure but most of the information was from his 1989 interviews. Not much else was new.

  20. Diane Lively says:

    Wow Tyler! You the man 👽!

  21. Joy Rider says:

    I just wonder how many times Bob has been visited by the Men in Black.

  22. Larry Rix says:

    Tyler, Mr Lazar and Jeremy…Awesome job guys….Thank you for your honesty, courage, and your personal sacrifice Mr. Lazar, you have made a difference sir…Tyler keep on jamming love the videos…

  23. Khloe Rabnta says:

    Yay finally!!!! Omg!! Tysm!!!

  24. DM 777 says:

    Yes he was shot at
    He JUST said that 😉
    Awesome video bro

  25. justin Uh no says:

    Tyler you have gotten my honest respect my dude way to get the man on your show good job I believe in your channel now fir sure been with you for years proud of you brother


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