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Black Triangle Sighting in Strathroy, Ontario on July 16th 2009 – It was a triangle shaped UFO that had three blue circles in each corner and a giant Circle in the middle. All circles were connected with some sort of blue light string


I was on my way home after spending time over at a friends. I had left his house on my way to my house at around 11:00 pm. (it takes roughly 5 min to get home)so on my way home I took my normal path heading down a dark road with train tracks roughly 3 min down the road. I was biking fairly fast and than out of no where i saw some lights coming from behind, which I thought was a car so i biked faster in order to beat it over the tracks. when I suddenly blacked out and did not know what had happened. when i came to i was standing on the tracks holding my bike in my hands looking up at the sky. Just staring when i realized i was staring into the sky i looked down to see where i was, i noticed i was standing beside my bike on the tracks than looked up again. When i looked up i saw a triangle that had 3 small circles of blue light in each corner. and a big blue circle of light in the middle that got smaller as it rotated from pointing at me to leaving. than i noticed a bunch of blue lights coming out of the back of it and some small black fins on the top. I can draw this as it is etched into my memory. The triangle took over the whole sky that i could see. It slowly moved away and left slowly (as if they wanted me to remember what had happened). After looking at this terrifying and magnificent object i biked home as fast as i could. When i got home my parents were yelling at me as to why i was late. I told them i would be home around 11:30 pm because i was leaving at 11:00 giving me lots of time to bike home. I arrived home around 2-3 in the morning. Normally I would yell back and argue but for some reason i just went straight to bed and fell asleep instantly. This memory has haunted me for years and now i am afraid of being abducted, I have many other past memories that can relate to this event and i need to get my mind cleared please if someone who studies these mysteries please get a hold of me. I don’t know how to put a drawing on the computer to add it to this but i can draw a sketch any time of this object.

For information or a MAP of the reporting location click here

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