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Best UFO Sightings Of Jan 2014! Incredible New Footage & Interviews Watch Now!

Best UFO Sightings Of Jan 2014! Incredible New Footage & Interviews Submitted to Thirdphaseofmoon Watch Now! unidentified flying object by Gary Ablett http:/…

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25 Responses to “Best UFO Sightings Of Jan 2014! Incredible New Footage & Interviews Watch Now!”

  1. thirdphaseofmoon says:

    Best UFO Sightings Of Jan 2014! Incredible New Footage

  2. Danny Wilten says:

    All aliens are demons from nibiru… God bless :)

  3. MYSLICIEL11 says:

    You’re full of shit :)

  4. condepatula78 says:

    Thats and iFO, not a UFO… its a flying apple store. Dumb amerikunts…

  5. xAngoryx says:

    I .. I just…
    One day you will upload a video that I will be stunned at I know it, until
    then I guess showing the same footage over and over in a vid is all you can
    really do

  6. joe Rodriguez says:


  7. John Cormier says:

    Box kite!

  8. TheDubstepNetwork says:


  9. luigi piedigrossi says:

    thanks guys . incredible. i just want to say i have been thinking about
    this pretty serious . so i look at all these sightings and have to add ,
    come on many of these are the real deal. why would these retired and non
    retired military officials been really busy over the past number of years,
    even more now! with these disclosure projects. just the other day i watched
    a couple more hours on the truth hearings that took place in Washington . i
    tell you the officials from the Latin America’s was real fine. I tell you
    guys this is been going on for so long, and the south American governments
    are pretty open to the public sector on this.i think in my opinion there
    is a much bigger picture on this. maybe someone knows something will happen
    soon. or maybe not to far in the distant future. so they want the peoples
    of the world to prepare them selves” then again i could be wrong” just
    thinking out loud. thanks guys from thirdphase as well.

  10. Gustavo Astor says:

    wow signal! !!!

  11. Donna Foster says:

    can’t hear u

  12. TheWhiteBlindLight says:

    The message “think outside the box”

  13. Scotty Dee says:

    amazing already so many sightings this year I have a good feeling for 2014
    Thanks Thirdphase :)

  14. RodneyBass74 says:

    the first one is my package that i ordered from amazon.sorry.guys

  15. dude7etnies says:

    Upload some more stuff! I don’t want to hate, but I look forward to
    clicking your channel. Then I just see old stuff, it’s disappointing.

  16. cigarmikey says:

    Great work thanks guys

  17. Titan Crafter says:


  18. Craig Brown says:

    These brothers have to be the worst actor’s iv ever seen. Lol jst relax
    guys. Why the heavy scripts. So so obvious. Ps seen any mermaids lately.
    Thats when I gave up on this channel when one ov u asked a diver if he had
    seen any. And when that obviously not well in the head guy solved the
    relativity equation. Not lol

  19. Rick Gregory says:

    alien said this bullshit

  20. Tony Nelson says:

    Military is traind to kill humans……?…..they are a part of the ufo

  21. chartresgreenman says:

    some helium filled ballons ina cardbrd box.. no demonstration of distinct
    movement.. the footage of whatever dafuq that is over the hill, that’s
    another story :)

  22. nelson seda says:

    Unidentified,over and over,voice,dub,soo, lame

  23. Rebel says:

    Bid stabilization wasn’t invented?

  24. SuperDessertfox says:

    not worldwide, rotterdam really sucks, i can understand why these
    extraterrestrials don t want to fly here. Almost every place on this earth
    is better than rotterdam

  25. Darren B says:

    Borg cubes are here


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