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Best UFO photographs, 2005-Kaufman, Texas

2005-Texas, City of Kaufman. Taken on 01-21-05-© Lawwalk. The photographer states: “i used to be out today capturing of the chemtrails 01-21-2005, and at 11:35 AM. i used to be aiming my camera at a scrawny little cloud. As i used to be snapping the image, i realized a flash within the sky throughout the viewfinder. When the image came at the screen, i realized a gold-colored object on the top of the cloud I had captured also. I looked back where it was and naturally it was gone. i actually couldn’t tell much of what it can be until I downloaded it to my computer. I zoomed in on it and nearly fell out of my chair. It sounds as if to be a craft of a few kind with maybe windows or ports at the right side, within the middle. It also seems to be emanating a gas or some sort of energy field around it, mainly on the top.” A superb photograph short of further study.

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