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Alien disclosure candidate Hillary Clinton at centre of ‘mystery New … –

It was branded “the real Independence Day” after motorists were reportedly left stunned by a huge mothership-style ‘UFO’ hovering above New York City.

Yet can reveal how Mrs Clinton, who has pledged to release all top-secret ET files held by the US Government if elected as president, is being linked to the sighting.

A video of the Big Apple sighting was uploaded to YouTube by UFO channel Secure Team 10, showing a huge, black object floating in the sky.

Motorists had filmed the event and the sheer size of the object – dubbed as big as a bus – meant it was also seen from nearby New Jersey.

According to Tyler Glockner, who narrates the Secure Team 10 videos, the person who filmed the video felt “vibrations” before the object appeared.

He said: “The source of this video made it very clear in his email…he said that at first he thought that it may have been one of those banners that are towed behind these planes that are advertising for people.

“But he said he soon realised that this object was far too large to have been a banner of any kind and he also says that there was ‘no plane in sight’.

“And he said that this object was just ‘hanging out’ in the sky.”

Scott C Waring, editor of UFO Sightings Dail,y said: “This is a cool video from NYC that shows a dark object moving slowly over the buildings. The object is hard to make out, but does look about the size of city bus, so yeah, it would be hard to miss and should have been noticed by other eyewitnesses in the area.”

Some viewers of the mysterious video were left sceptical.

One wrote: “Isn’t it strange that every single UFO video is of a UFO far away? Rarely a video of someone who is underneath it or very close?”

And it seems they were right to be sceptical and the cameraman’s initial hunch of a banner was on the money.

Forensic UFO investigator Scott Brando, who busts UFO and alien hoaxes and misidentifications online, appears to have solved the mystery within a day of the reports emerging.

Mr Brando, who runs website, has located video of a large banner hanging high in the sky in the location of the sighting, that he tweeted details of.

It emerges it was a giant banner, erected by the conspiracy theory website, which suggests Mrs Clinton should be imprisoned rather than elected.

Mr Brando, and other online UFO hoax busters, have compiled a blacklist of YouTube channels and website they say promote hoaxes and misrepresentations. 

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