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10 Most Watched Youtube UFO Sighting Videos – Insider Monkey (blog)

Special Agent Fox Mulder told us the truth is out there and it’s clear to see on the most watched YouTube UFO sighting videos.

I’ve watched enough of The X-Files to know aliens aren’t a hoax and are in fact hidden purposely in a government conspiracy. We can’t possibly be so vain to believe we’re the only ones in the vast universe, right? I think they’re out there somewhere and that they definitely have the technology to come visit us every so often. If I were one of them and I had the ability, I probably would, too, to be fair.

 10 Most Watched Youtube UFO Sighting Videos

Elena Schweitzer/

There’s a lot of evidence that supports the existence of extraterrestrials, some of which you can see on our list of 5 Undeniable Scientific Proof that Aliens and Extraterrestrial Life Exist. With the development of technology and the ease of use, there’s a lot more information available on this topic and a lot of physical proof that can be accessed online. Everyone has a phone in their pocket that can take picture and video, so anything someone sees can easily be viewed by others. This is how people from all over the world manage to capture UFOs and share the experience.

In order to create this list, we checked out YouTube videos by searching UFOs. We first looked at the number of views, of course, but to further substantiate their places on our list we made sure they had positive reviews. From there, we sorted our list so the one with the highest views is at the top. Keep reading to find out the most watched YouTube UFO sighting videos.

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